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GameStop-WallstreetBets Poked the Finger!

GameStop Update

Interesting to note today that trading the GameStock (GME) meme coin on the Solana (SOL) blockchain could NOT be halted.


GME meme coin trading on Solana can’t be halted by Wall Street

The current financial system (aka WallStreet) halted the trading of GameStock (GME) stock (again) more than a half dozen times just like they did before because the common traders were getting rich and they needed to make moves to shield WallStreet hedge funds from losing too much money that had overly shorted the stock.

Everyone should ask themselves what financial or monetary system should they be supporting blockchain or the current system? 

Occupy Wall Street Only Pointed a Finger!

Funny to see what mass social action gets more accomplished and exposes more corporate greed/corruption of crony capitalism.

The fact that Robinhood and corporate powers restricted the ability of individual investors to buy the stock of their choice (GameStop), because the giant Wall Street hedge funds were losing money after Reddit Users bet against them. Which is why people need to use decentralized exchanges instead of corrupted centralized exchanges.

The situation arose in part because Wall Street is allowed to short a stock with more shares than exist this practice screams for the need of public blockchain accounting.

Occupy Wall (OWS) street could learn something from WallstreetBets as peaceful “occupy-style” protesting is not as effective as using dollars.

Disclaimer: This post is for informational and entertainment purposes only— it is not financial advice or is in anyway intended to provide any financial recommendation.

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