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UFO Public Reporting Events Then and Now

It is interesting to note what mainstream media is currently presenting on TV news etc compared to other less fearful information releases of Dr Greer’s Disclosure organization at National Press Club events over the last 22 years.


UFO Reporting National Press Club Event 2001

2001 National Press Club Event (Presented by Dr. Steven Greer) 2001






The clear majority of talking heads on TV seem to be pushing a narrative of fear and the need to increase Space Force expenditures when it comes to the topic of UFOs, while Dr Greer’s Disclosure team is completely the opposite.

I’ve personally only had connection with John O’Callahan: FAA Head of Accidents and Investigations, he is featured in the 2001 National Press Club UFO Disclosure event.

We sat next to each other on a commercial flight from ANC-SEA, we didn’t talk about UFOs, but I did question him about the final published NTSB investigation results as to the potential cause of TWA flight 800 from JFK-Paris in which 230 people died.  I was a flight engineer on the same 747 model as that aircraft at the time and I had many questions about their findings.  In short he agreed with me on some of the facts and he could not fathom how the NTSB came to the conclusions they did with the facts that he had presented. Those facts may not have pointed at a center fuel tank explosion being the cause of the accident, but rather something else–my personal belief to this day is a Stinger missile caused that disaster.  I found John O’Callahan to be very creditable and competent so was perhaps more inclined to believe his statements during his 2001 National UFO Press Club Event than others.


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