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2014 Viñas Chilenas Reserva Sauvignon Blanc

Viñas Chilenas Reserva
Sauvignon Blanc
2014 Trader Joe’s

A respectable Sauvignon Blanc from Chile’s Central Valley region especially for the price about 4 USD ($3 something in California), it is sold under the Trader Joe’s brand.

Viñas Chilenas Reserva Sauvignon Blanc  2014 Trader Joes

A good cheap white wine with a proper bottle and cork.

One could easily have this for a nightly budget pre-dinner basis or good a 5 o’clock somewhere starter beverage. This is a good wine option for those that are anti-cask (box wines) and prefer proper bottles and a real cork.

Tasting Notes for Trader Joe’s 2014 Viñas Chilenas Reserva Sauvignon Blanc:
The wine is light crispy and refreshing, great for those living in warmer climates and would make for a good lunch wine or standard daily starter dinner white. Those that have a sensitive palate and an active imagination might be able to pick out a few notes of honey suckle, pear, perhaps even some peach and/or papaya. The finish is lightly acidic with a nice hint of sweetness. Some others at the table (I won’t mention names said they liked the grassy finish).

I put this wine in the very reasonably priced generically pleasing category or some might even say good cheap wine.


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