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Bernie Sanders Show

Bernie Sanders started broadcasting The Bernie Sanders Show with little fanfare just over a month ago on Facebook, the show is also available for free via a podcast on Apple’s iTunes or GooglePlayMusic.

Bernie Sanders Show

The Bernie Sanders Show can be seen on facebook, iTunes & GoogleMusicPlay

The Bernie Sanders show was so popular that during the first week it ranked #2 on iTunes out of all podcasts—which is rather astounding for a show about political issues and not in the entertainment category.

The ratings numbers on Facebook/Twitter is in the Millions, which surpass many shows on corporate/cable TV media.

The Bernie Sanders Show is a thirty minute show that features Bernie Sanders
(the longest serving independent in congressional history) along with leading activists, journalists, policymakers, artists, visionaries, revolutionaries, talk about the resistance and the political revolution.

Bernie Sanders Show Episodes so Far Include:

Episode 1: Senator Sanders and Rev William Barber discuss how to mobilize the progressive movement and the civil rights issues of our time, including voter suppression and gerrymandering.

Episode 2: Senator Sanders and Bill Nye the Science Guy sit down to talk about climate change and what actions we can take to transform our energy system.

Episode 3: Senator Sanders and filmmaker and activist Josh Fox (Gasland, FrackNation and How to Let Go of the World and Love All The Things Climate Can’t Change) have a conversation about climate change, fracking and how we transform the energy system.

Episode 4: Senator Sanders has Jane Mayer on the show, a woman who wrote the book on money in politics and they talk about Koch brothers, Robert Mercer and her latest book “Dark Money”.

Episode 5: Bernie Sanders has Bill McKibben (the founder of 350.org) on his show to talk about climate change (the good news and the bad news), and renewable energy.

The Bernie Sanders Show can be found on iTunes, GooglePlayMusic and:


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