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Bernie Wins Vote from Americans Overseas

NPR (National Public Radio) on March 21st 2016 reported that the majority of USA citizens registered as democrats living in over 170 different countries want Bernie Sanders (69%) over Hillary Clinton (31%).

Americans abroad vote for Bernie

Bernie wins more than 2/3rds of the Vote over Hillary with Americans abroad.

This overwhelming majority vote in support of Bernie Sanders by 34.000 American citizens who currently live abroad should NOT of course carry more weight than one person equal one vote. Yet another reason why super delegates should be banned from the voting process. Anyway the opinion/vote of these USA citizens living abroad is news and worthy of paying attention as they have a unique perspective that is perhaps better informed, since they have seen first hand how other people live and governments function (the good, the bad and the ugly).

Of course it is understandable for those living in the USA that only know what the Corporate News Media tells them to be a little surprised that Bernie should be so popular—as they have been told for a very long time now that Hillary Clinton will be the democratic nominee for the 2016 US presidential election and that Bernie Sanders has very little chance to win. That is a pretty bold statement considering more than half of voting has yet to take place–which makes those kinds of statements seem highly suspect or at least biased at best.


An overseas USA citizen supporting a Bernie Sanders baseball cap in London, England.

In the USA most people only get their news from the half dozen media companies that own/control all the information of TV, Radio and Newspapers and Magazines. And those media companies for some reason have decided that Hillary Clinton was going to win years ago…and so don’t report on the popularity of Bernie Sanders.  There was just a domestic news blackout of thousands marching in support of Bernie in 75 major US cities (see #MarchForBernie)  and that crowds at Bernie Sanders rallies in the state of Washington exceed 30,000 attendees!


NPR news where all things are considered–not just what the big corporations want to tell you.

This is just the type of news story that one is very unlikely to hear from the mainstream corporate owned/controlled media. Also something to think about–this story about the voting results of American’s living abroad was first broadcast by NPR (National Public Radio) an entity that the Republicans have tried to defund numerous times in the past most recently in: 2010, 2011, and 2015 and those are just the times I happen to know about.

The Original NPR story:
Bernie Sanders Won Democrats Abroad … But Who Are They? can be found at:


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