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Best Blockchain 3.0 Crypto YouTubers

Where to find the best EOS Cryptocurrency information: EOS YouTubers

Bitcoin (Crypto 1.0: 10 minute block times), Ethereum (Crypto 2.0: 15 sec block times), and most Bitcoin and older Altcoin Maximalists may make more noise and have more established websites/followers, information pipelines to mainstream media and more history in the cryptospace. However, it doesn’t change the fact that (Crypto 3.0: 1/2 sec block times): EOS, Tron, and soon ADA etc., which are not much more than a year old have crushed pretty much every blockchain metric you care to pick (see blocktivity.info) compared to ALL previous cryptocurrencies in existence.  

Those Crypto Youtubers that have noticed current blockchain performance and usage figures have no doubt reasoned these 3.0 blockchains are likely to become the future of blockchain/cryptocurrency and are no less than the keys to crypto mass adoption via useable/fast Dapps built on EOS (and its sister chains) along with Tron etc.

Best EOS Centric Crypto Youtubers

Everything EOS

The longest running EOS pod/video cast (USA based) with hosts  Rob Finch (cypherglass block producer) and Zack Gall.

Everything EOS

Colin Talks Crypto

Colin is a USA expat living in Puerto Rico, he does a lot of research & reporting of the EOS ecosphere. He also has one of the most popular EOS block producer Voting Proxies (colintcrypto) and has been participating in the crypto space for over six years.

Colin Talks Crypto

Max DApp

His main focus is on EOS news plus Dapps (British)

Max DApp

Crypto Dunker

25ish USA expat living in Eastern Europe, with a focus on EOS news and EOS gaming.

Crypto Dunker

EOS Apologist (aka EOS cheerleader videos)

EOS Apologist

It seems the EOS Apologist echos what my grandmother use to say “If you have a good story to tell, don’t be afraid to tell it.” Fairly good researched EOS video articles, good EOS broad/long trend overview. Unfortunately the producer of these videos is now spending time (since the Summer of 2019) developing new blockchain EOS tech rather than just talking about it and creating new videos, but the older ones are still worth a watching.


Michael Blu

USA based, besides EOS News he does a lot of dot connecting/speculating on future EOS and blockchain events.

Michael Blu

EOS San Diego

Kent does nightly unscripted midnight walks/talks about: blockchain, EOS & the Challenge Dapp from downtown Carlsbad, California. Host of the future 100 USD per EOS party.

Kent @EOS San Diego

Crypto Tim

Sydney based EOS content producer (he has a day job in finance) and does a good job of unpacking and simplifying recent EOS news events.

Crypto Tim

Official Block.one (EOS.IO) Announcements


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