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Bill Nye Science Guy Explains Climate Change

Two Climate Change videos: One short and one long that explains the basic science behind climate change and global warming.

Bill Nye science guy explains climate change

Global Warming & Climate Change explained by Bill Nye & friends.

The first video is narrated by Bill Nye the well known Science Guy and the second was a public event which was part of the Comparative Climatology conference held in Boulder Colorado in 2012 that was hosted and moderated by Bill Nye.

In addition to Bill Nye presentations were given by: Dr David Grinspoon (Astrobiologist), Dr Jim Hansen (Director of NASA Goddard Institute for Space Studies and is Adjunct Professor of Earth Sciences at Columbia University), Dr Karen Rice (U.S. Geological Survey) and Dr Brian Toon (Professor of Atmospheric and Oceanic Sciences).

Bill Nye opens and moderates a Boulder, Colorado public event devoted to evidence of climate change throughout our solar system, and especially on Earth. June 26, 2012. Sponsored by the Planetary Society, the Southwest Research Institute and NASA, it was part of the Comparative Climatology conference. The very distinguished presenters included David Grinspoon, Jim Hansen, Karen Rice and Brian Toon.

The Long Video:
Bill Nye: Climate Change on Earth and Other Planets a video about: Climate Change, Global Warming, Anthropocene, hydrological cycle, causes of ocean and soil acidification, at the need for putting a price on carbon.

Acidification of Earth: An assessment across mechanisms and scales
Karen C. Ricea, Janet S. Herman

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