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Blockchain Mainnet Madness Begins

Several notable/important mainnet project launches will soon be taking place.

These blockchain projects will be moving off their testnets to their own networks:

Oyster Pearls (May 29): Is attempting to fix internet advertising and cloud storage

Tron (May 31): Wants to decentralized content, entertainment and gaming

EOSEOS (June 2): With billions in funding EOS is poised to create a faster, scaleable, and more efficient versions of smart contracts and Dapps, while at the same time increasing network capacity and doing so with no fees to end users.

NULS (May): Hopes to simplify the public blockchain to allow more of the world to interact through multiple blockchains, programming languages and smart contracts without needing a degree in computer science.

OntologyOntology (June): Appears to be blessed by the Chinese government and is on track to pull off a mainnet launch in only 3 months of a network which offers increased blockchain accessibility for both businesses and consumers by providing verifiable trusted data.

VeChain (June 30): Wants to use their supply chain technology to address many real-world problems by making many products traceable and verifiable.


Once the mainnet is launched there will no doubt be a plethora of upgrades and additional projects launching on the respective networks. EOS alone should have more than a dozen DApps (Decentralized application) announcements shortly after their mainnet goes live.

Many of these new Dapps have the potential to allow the average user to make money from their internet activities and enhance internet security. In short many of these Apps will provide solutions to many business segments without the need for mediating third parties that have historically reduced efficiency and increase costs.

Disclaimer: This is not investment advice, but it is not unreasonable to expect some interesting price action: before, during and after as a blockchain project moves to their mainnet.


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