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Box Wine–When More Really is More

Box wine should be the most popular thing ever for those that like to cook with or drink wine on a daily or semi-regular basis.

boxwineTypical box wine even if it is the same size of a bottle it will no doubt hold more volume, which is often important if your dealing with limited space. Boxes of wine chill quickly and probably won’t break if dropped. Box wine containers are recyclable, easy to open and reseal. The boxes have a plastic or metallic balloon bladder inside with a tap that acts as one way value, which keeps open wine from going bad because it prevents oxidation of the wine during dispensing.

Wine Producers and retailers even prefer selling wine in boxes as it is cheaper and takes up less space than using glass bottles.

Wine consumers should really enjoy being able to buy more wine and at the same time pay for less packaging, the bottle, label, and cork etc.

Many chefs find that the self-sealing containers of wine boxes easier to keep more wine in stock longer using boxes so that they have more on hand to help bring out and enhance the flavor of various dishes.

An empty wine box bladder can have many novel uses:

  • The bladders can be reinflated using air and reused as pillow or floatation device.
  • Sailboat owners have been known to run an blown up empty kevlar wine box bladder up the mast for use as a enhanced radar reflector, so that they can be seen at a greater distance by other ships.
  • The bladders can also be recycled to hold potable water or other liquids.


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