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Climate Gas Pump Warning Labels Arrive

The City Council of Berkeley California in the San Francisco Bay area passed a citywide ordinance (November, 18, 2014) to require Climate Change Warning labels at fuel dispensing facilities. The new Climate Change and Global Warming law is the first to go in effect in the USA. The warning labels for fossil fuel pumps are not unlike the warning information provided on tobacco or alcohol products designed to educate and alert the public to a serious hazard.

gas pump warning labels

Global Warming & Climate Change Warning labels for fuel pumps spreading worldwide.

The City of San Francisco is also in the process of drafting a similar city ordinance, that should be put to a vote in the near future.

The idea for the warning labels was initiated locally by the 350 Bay Area organization, which is associated with 350.org, an organization that is very active globally in efforts to mitigate the negative effects of climate change and bring carbon levels down to 350 parts per million.

A TEDx Video of Rob Shirkey a Canadian lawyer and founder of Our Horizon, a not-for-profit climate change organization based in Toronto, Canada about the campaign to spread the Climate Change Warning Labels all over the world. The video is also about how a simple climate change warning label can make a significant impact in individual attitudes, change common knowledge and perhaps influence the behavior of society for the better. Climate Change/Global warming warning labels could be a positive first step for many to see and recognize the issues (#FaceTheChange).

Don’t be surprised to see warning labels expressing some of the following concepts:

Warning: Use of this fuel product contributes to climate change, which may put more than 30% of species at a risk of extinction.

Warning: Use of this fuel product may contributes to severe weather events.

Warning: Use of this fuel product contributes to climate change, which may cause drought an famine.

Warning: Use of this fuel product contributes to ocean acidification, which puts marine life at risk of extinction.

climate change fuel pump warning label

Updated Fuel Pump warning labels to soon appear in more cities worldwide.

In addition to Warning Labels associated with Climate Change & Global Warming at fossil fuel pumps it is logical to also start to other general health warming labels as well:

Warning: Fumes and physical contact associated with this fuel product have been liked to cancer and early death.

Warning: Use of this fuel product contributes to smog, which may cause asthma and other respiratory problems.

A Climate Change Labeling initiative is currently underway in many local: town, city and municipalities around the globe. It is most certainly worth your time to get into contact with your local representatives to inquire about any Global Warming label initiatives currently in the process of becoming law.


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