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David Letterman Verses Forbes Magazine on Fracking

David Letterman shares what he knows about Fracking, which is obviously more than most people in the USA otherwise there would be even more protesting in the streets.

An unofficial transcript of his comments about fracking which aired in April of 2013

Anti-fracking personalities

David Letterman talks about the serious issue of Fracking

Let’s talk about fracking. I’m not smart enough to understand it.

Here’s what I know about fracking: The greedy oil and gas companies of this country have decided that they can squeeze every last little ounce of oil and gas out of previously pumped wells by injecting the substrata of our planet with highly toxic, carcinogenic chemicals, which then seep into the aquifer and hence into the water supply of Americans

The Delaware water gap has been ruined, the Hudson Valley has been ruined. Most of Pennsylvania has been ruined. Virginia, West Virginia has been ruined. Colorado has been ruined. New Mexico has been ruined.

They’re poisoning our drinking water and the EPA said, “You know what? You no longer have to comply with EPA standards for stuff you put into the water.” So the greedy oil and gas companies said, “Great, let’s go crazy,” (Paul Shaffer: “Of course!”) and then some states are saying, “No, we have transparency laws, so the oil and gas companies say, “Okay, we’ll tell you everything but 2 percent of what we’re putting into your tap water.” And that’s supposed to make us feel better.

Ladies and gentlemen, we’re screwed!

I’ve seen people set fire to their tap water. “Can I get you an ice water? Ka-Boom! (Paul Shaffer: “Oh Boy!”)
I’ve seen people set fire to their toilets! (Paul Shaffer: “Haha, that’s a different story.”)
That was in college, I don’t think they still do that.

So, from now on: Vodka.

Besides David Letterman here is a partial list of those speaking out in public about fracking: Yoko Ono, Matt Damon, Sean Lennon, Mark Ruffalo, Robert De Niro, Jimmy Fallon, Martha Stewart, and Gwyneth Paltrow. A more robust list of approximately 200 other Artists and Celebs that qualify as Anti-Fracking folks can be found online at: artistsagainstfracking.com

The Independent Oil & Gas Association, an industry group that supports gas drilling, filed a formal complaint with New York’s lobbying board asking it to investigate whether Artists Against Fracking is violating the state’s lobbying law.

What Forbes Magazine says about David Letterman’s quote “I’ve seen people set fire to their tap water!”

flaming tap water

Sherry Vargson as featured in the December 2012 National Geographic Magazine on Fracking

This urban legend, traceable to the fanciful documentary “Gasland,” has been soundly debunked.

Forbes Online Reference:


To those that have not seen the film “Gasland” it was nominated for an Academy Award for Best Documentary in 2011 and won a Primetime Emmy Award for Outstanding Directing for Nonfiction Programming among several other awards. “Gasland” is currently available on DVD and streaming Netflix.

Sherry Vargson was featured in the December 2012 National Geographic Magazine. The natural gas boom in the USA has created thousands of jobs and paid millions of dollars to landowners, but in the case of Sherry Vargson her tap water in her kitchen when last checked contains more than twice the methane that’s considered an explosion threat.

Not enough people know about or perhaps care how much damage is being done to the environment by the fossil fuel companies. It is a pretty serious situation how these common business practices threaten the fresh water supply now and for generations to come. It’s also amazing how short term business profits influence environmental law and how government officials that were originally in theory elected to look after the needs and well-being of their citizens– not just those citizens that happen to own stock in the oil and gas companies.

Some References:

Download .pdf copies of independent water well testing results featured in the film “Gasland”. Letters from labs and the State of Colorado Oil & Gas Conservation Commission (COGCC) for Renee McClure and Mike W Markham.

Additional Fracking Information:
Video Animation of fracking process and issues, British Fracking Documentary and CBS News footage


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