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David Mitchell Global Warming Burden of Proof Video

BBC funny man David Mitchell gets serious on his soapbox about Global Warming and Climate Change.

He says the logical burden of proof after 97% of Climate Scientists and nearly ALL scientifically recognized organizations of a national or international stature have previously acknowledged the existence of Climate Change and Global Warming and releasing official statements placing the blame on human activity falls upon the small number of those outside the consensus to prove that they are correct and everyone else is mistaken.

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Where to place the burden of proof of climate change and global warming

The David Mitchell global warming video has over 300,000 views and is a classic piece of serious British comedy.

Is David Mitchell being a little over dramatic when he talks about the serious threat to humankind? You can decide that once you absorb these interesting facts: If the ice from Greenland melts the oceans will rice approximately 20 feet, but that is nothing compared to the ice covering the most southern continent on the planet (Antarctica) if it melts 200 feet will be added to current ocean levels, which would no doubt spell doom for a significant percentage of humanity.

Watch David Mitchell’s Video about the Burden of Proof about Global Warming:

Contrary to some media outlets which still continue to this day to broadcast a message of doubt. The majority opinion of the world’s scientific community has not changed after they came to a consensus after incorporating the findings from thousands of peer reviewed scientific research papers that were obtained via multiple disciplines and nationalities and the summary of which was released in the 2007 Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (Summary for Policymakers). A copy of the 2007 IPCC original report is available at Ken Burridge.com in .pdf format for online viewing as well as the latest IPCC report which was released in 2013.

Downloadable References:
2007 IPCC 4th Assessment Report Summary for Policymakers
2013 IPCC 5th Assessment Report Summary for Policymakers


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