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Democracy Now Controlled by Media Concentration

A huge threat to democracy and why we currently live in a media landscape controlled only by a few Corporate owned voices.

USA media issuesThis is a quote from a transcript (December 7, 2012) of Bernie Sanders talking with Bill Moyers about why Big Media is too big already and doesn’t need to get any bigger, which is what has happened ever since the FCC allowed companies to own multiple media outlets in the same city (newspaper, radio and TV stations).

According to Senator Bernie Sanders on Bill Moyers & Company:

“In 1983, 50 corporation controlled a majority of the media in America. In 1990 the number had dropped to 23. In 1997, 10. And today, Six…despite the lack of coverage on this issue of Media Concentration, in people’s guts, people know that this is a huge issue. That we can’t be the democracy we want to be when so few people control what people, read, see and hear.”

Bill Moyers & Company Video featuring Bernie Sanders on how USA Media Concentration is a threat to Democracy:


Media is consolidatedWith so many media companies currently being owned and operated by so few we now have a very incestuous situation, which is commonly accepted as a bad idea. The general scientific consensus is that diversity is generally a strength and desirable, and not only when it come to genetics but that logic can also be applied to the access of information and opinion as well.


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