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Elon Musk Not Quite as Smart as You Think?

Personally I am very happy for the accomplishments of Elon Musk and what he has done to improve the potential future of the human race when it comes to Telsa and SpaceX in particular.

However that being said perhaps his ego may have caused him to miss out several huge potential opportunities and more recently may have led many blockchain neophytes astray with their hard earned investment money.

Firstly back in the day, when Elon didn’t even own the Tesla.com internet domain (he only had teslamotors.com I personally offered him EV.com when his stated goal was to make the majority of cars in the world have an electric drive instead of being fossil fuel powered.  At the time I would have traded the EV.com internet domain for a new Tesla EV on an annual basis for the rest of my life.  When I proposed said option on twitter he and/or his cronies instantly blocked me.  I also was willing to share my “free thrust” technology to help keep Tesla years ahead of their competition that could easily improve the efficiency of all electric vehicles.  Instead because of Elon’s actions or inactions  I ended up giving away EV.com to Chinese investors that promised to use the EV.com internet domain to get more electric vehicles on the road ASAP at a time when the USA had pivoted to shut down the development and deployment of EVs in California such as GM’s EV1, Toyota’s electric RAV4 and Ford’s electric version of the Ford Ranger pickup truck.

So where are we at now? The Chinese are still in control of the centralized internet domain EV.com but not EV.com on twitter, Facebook or the decentralized blockchain version of the EV.com internet domain on the EOS main net.

I also still possess the “free thrust” EV efficiency technology, which I plan to share with the rest of world via blockchain NFT technology in the relative semi-near future.

I am also more than a little distressed that Elon has chosen to troll twitter and perhaps influence the uneducated to invest in the doge meme coin with his tweets instead of acting like a properly informed technology leader in the blockchain and cryptocurrency space. 











On a closing positive note the good news is that Elon Musk is still learning…he did recently make the move from California to Austin Texas (I did that years ago), but he also previously passed on a move to the Gold Coast of Queensland, Australia, which is where I am currently.


Disclaimer: This post is for informational and entertainment purposes only— it is not financial advice or is in anyway intended to provide any financial recommendation.

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