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Fossil Fuels Linked to Disease and Death

Inhaling Diesel Fumes Suppresses Immune Response

Researchers have duplicated the typical diesel-fume exposure of people living in the cities to lab rats and have determined that soot particles from diesel exhaust reduces the immune system’s capacity to fend off infection.

fossil fuel danger

Exposure to fossil fuel usage has been shown to be detrimental to your health.

Bacteria survived for longer than a week in the lungs of diesel-exposed animals than those that has only breathed clean air.

Heart and Lung Disease Linked to Polluted Air
Most of the blood in the body moves via arteries and veins, but much smaller vessels called arterioles are responsible delivering blood to the capillaries in tissue. This flow is regulated by the arteriole’s ability to continually constrict or dilate. Animal experiments indicate that breathing soot and other airborne particles compromises the arterioles’ capacity to dilate – therefore, people who know that they may live or work in environments where the air contains high numbers of such particles may want to consider investing in something like a procedure mask to protect their health. In the last decade there have been many studies that have linked both short-term and long-term exposure of air pollution created from fossil fuels to increased morbidity and mortality of cardiovascular diseases in general populations as well as been similarly linked to altered lung function and lung cancer.


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