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Fracking Fluid Flood Threat in Colorado?

Are Colorado flood waters contaminated with franking fluid? It’s probably reasonable to assume that it’s not a not a matter of if, but now rather a question of how much.

Fracking Fluid in Flood Water?The water damage caused by flash flooding in Colorado was bad enough, but that water undoubtedly transported hydrocarbon pollution and hydrofracking chemicals downstream as floodwaters overturned tanks and ruptured lines.

Tisha SchullerTisha Schuller speaking for the Colorado Oil and Gas Association told CBS news that “Thousands of sites had been impacted.” Said another way that means that 1000’s wells and oil pads were flooded, and obviously were not designed to withstand that type of structural damage. Also not protected since it is often stored in open-air pits were significant amounts of condensate and fracking flowback water, which contain elements that are of health and environmental concern.

To date there has been very little mainstream media coverage about this additional fracking concern, but CBS recently did a short segment on the topic of franking water contamination due to the Colorado flood. You can watch the video:

Could it be that the benefits of fracking and shale gas have been oversold to the American public?


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