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Germany Produces Record-Breaking Solar Power

In a single month (July 2013) sunny Germany produces a world record breaking 5.1 terawatt hours (TWh) of electricity from solar power, which is even better than the 5 TWh of electricity generated by wind turbines it produced in January (2013).

German solar power

German Waldpolenz Solar Park putting out 34396 kW on a not so sunny day.

German solar production is sixteen times more per person than in the USA. Germany captures 400 MW of solar energy per person, the USA is only about 25 MW per person on average. Americans, we have got to do our bit. Why not search solar hot water installation Oahu to learn more about the capabilities of solar power? Perhaps even more astounding is that close to 90% of all solar power in the USA is being created in a handful of US states (the Dazzling Dozen). The current leaders in US by State in 2012 according to the Solar Energy Industries Association:

Cumulative Solar Electricity Capacity per Capita
Germany: 400

Arizona: 167
Nevada: 146
Hawaii: 137
New Jersey: 110
New Mexico: 91
California: 76
Delaware: 69
Colorado: 52
Vermont: 34
Massachusetts: 23
Maryland: 19

Fox News gets the facts wrong

Most states in the USA get more sun than Germany

These US states aka the Dazzling Dozen only make up 28% of the US population but have 87% of all installed Solar PV. These states also have laws which compensate residents at the full retail rate for the excess electricity they supply to the grid. There is a chance that other states could start to catch up as the price of solar panel systems have fallen by about half compared to the price of similar systems at the start of 2010, thanks to the rise of affordably priced companies like this solar inverter supplier.

Solar Power Climate Change Benefits:
Solar power produces 96 percent less global warming pollution per unit of energy than coal-fired power plants over their entire life cycle, and 91 percent less global warming pollution than natural gas-fired power plants.

Video Insight into Renewable Energy in Germany

According to Fox & Friends the reason why Solar power works for Germany and not the USA is because Germany gets much more sun, therefore a solar power system would be able to create much more energy for the household or the business.

Video Why According to Fox News Green & Solar is going Bust

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Kenneth Burridge test-drives electric Nissan LEAF in Melbourne Australia

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