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John Oliver Leaves Trump Toasted

Last Week Tonight with John Oliver featured nothing less than an entire main “funny yet true” story that could be described as a full-on roast of Donald Trump or drumpf as he was called.

Trump Roast

John Oliver makes Trump Roast

A recording of this particular very popular show was able to obtain 2 million viewers on YouTube in less than 24 hours.
HBO’s comedy show Last Week Tonight obviously decided it was time get serious about attacking Donald Trump after he won three states (New Hampshire, South Carolina and Nevada) and is likely to win several more states during Super Tuesday, which more easily makes Donald Trump the Republican’s leading candidate for US President.

All jokes aside John Oliver’s show actually does the job that corporate sponsored media was suppose to do, which is fact check all the candidates.

This particular show besides being very funny and worth watching is rather epic. Who knows it may even give some voters pause to check many of the points that John Oliver mentions before casting their ballot. However, the probably should have ended 4/5ths of the way in…as the points were plenty powerful enough to rock Donald Trumps boat so there really was no need going over the top in full attack mode at the end. It is unfortunate that we are not likely to see the same sort of equal time show about Hillary Clinton because then there is a chance this election might look way different.


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