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Ken’s Cryptocurrency News 1-liners 004

Cryptocurrency News items worthy of attention:

Cyptocurrency News
* Coinbase Index (CBIDX) a cryptocurrency marketcap weighed index is now live on CNBC (cnbc.com)

* Coinbase Venture Fund is launched, which invests in early stage blockchain companies not necessarily crypto currency (cnbc.com)

* German tourism board has announced it will accept bitcoin for its services (crypto-lines.com)

* SEC initiates formal proceedings on coveted bitcoin ETF (hacked.com)

* Soros fund reported to be preparing to trade cryptocurrencies (cnbc.com)

* Cryptocurrencies a Top Priority for China in 2018: Central Bank (ccn.com)

* Huobi Exchange opens in South Korea, with about 200 trading pairs on about 100 coins & tokens and features a investor protection fund. (cointelegraph.com)

* Some hotels in Russia during the FIFA World Cup will be accepting Bitcoin for payment. (ccn.com)

* Air Asia to convert their frequent flyer points over to their own crypto currency called BigCoin, Singapore airlines is now testing a blockchain airline loyalty digital wallet. (rttnews.com)

* Verge (XVG) hacked and experienced at 51% attack for 3 hours where the hackers were able to mine a million dollars of verge—a quick fix accidentally created a hard fork. (theregister.co.uk)

* Litecoin is now the base currency (not Bitcoin) for the ABRA multi-coin wallet. (globalcoinreport.com)

* Litecoin joins bitcoin & ethereum on the Aliant merchant payment system.(aliantpayments.com).

* Foxconn electronic giant from Taiwan is developing and will manufacture a blockchain smart phone for Sirin Labs called “Finney”. (coindesk.com)

* Mt Gox Ex-CEO “I don’t want this billion dollars” from Japanese bankruptcy court. (thenextweb.com)

* Japan’s ICO Business Research Group called for government to legalize ICOs and adopt clear rules and practices to encourage growth but also protect investors. (japantimes.co.jp)

* India’s Reserve Bank restricts Crypto Related services of individuals and businesses, then releases plans to introduce their own Central Bank Digital Currency. (coinsutra.com)

To learn more about these topics just cut and paste into your favorite search engine. FYI: I use the Brave browser (brave.com) and search engine DuckDuckGo.com for best speed and privacy.


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