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Ken’s Cryptocurrency News One-liners 002

Cryptocurrency News items worthy of attention:

• Afterschool activities get 29 million USD boost from Ripple (XRP) donation via DonorsChoose.org funds used to buy calculators, pencils, field trips etc. (CNBC)

• CBOE writes letter to US Securities & Exchange Commission (SEC) recommending they NOT interfere in approving Bitcoin Exchange Traded-Funds (ETFs) (Cointelegraph)

• OmiseGo (OMG) & co-founder of Ethereum (Vitalik Buterin) donate 1 million USD (in OMG tokens) to help refugees living in extreme poverty in Kenya & Uganda via GiveDirectly. (@omise_go on twitter)

• The Eurasian Association of Blockchain sues: Google, facebook and twitter etc for cryptocurrency market manipulation by blocking ALL cryptocurrency advertising on their platforms. (cointelegraph.com)

• Mailchimp a “centralized” newsletter forwarder stops resending some cryptocurrency themed newsletters, that are: selling, trading, storing or marketing cryptocurrencies. (Coindesk.com)

• Tron token (TRX) testnet/blockchain goes live, announces a coinburn to increase value and a future airdrop to Ethereum holders. (cryptoslate.com)

• Kik Canadian mobile chat App partners with Unity Technologies video gaming development company, which should increase mainstream adoption of cryptocurrency via gamers looking into money transfer options for their purchases. (prnewswire.com)

• Some Central Europeans banks along with the bank of Japan seem to like the results of their “Stella” DLT research project that would allow them to do Atomic Swaps. (cryptona.co)

• Ford Motor Company (F) wants to integrate blockchain & cryptocurrency to reduce traffic for their new vehicles via car-to-car digital communications and payments. (investopedia.com)

• Bitfinex 5th largest crypto currency exchange and their parent company iFinex plan move to Switzerland from BVIs-as the Swiss have advanced ICO & fintech regulations. (coinspeaker.com)

• Central Bank of England experiments with some blockchain backed bank-to-bank payments-Real Time Gross Settlement (RTGS) services-not unlike Ripple. (ft.com)

• President & CEO of the Federal Reserve Bank of Atlanta (Raphael Bostic) during the Hope Global Forums about Empowering the poor & Underserved said digital currencies are not currencies & don’t invest money you really need, in these markets. (bloomberg.com)

• NVidea graphics card manufacturer believes cryptocurrency will be a core business for the company, in addition to: gaming, autonomous car driving and the data center business. (bitcoinist.com)

• Audi car manufacturer announces use of blockchain to gain more control over their supply chain distribution network (cointelegraph.com).

To learn more about these topics just cut and paste into your favorite search engine. FYI: I use the Brave browser (brave.com) and search engine DuckDuckGo.com for best speed and privacy.


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kenneth green burridge Kenneth Burridge test-drives electric Nissan LEAF in Melbourne Australia

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