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MtGox Bitcoin Price Manipulation is Over

The Legal requirement for the Custodian of the Mt.Gox Bankruptcy to liquidate Bitcoin (BTC) on the open market to exchange Bitcoin for Japanese Yen is over!

As of June 22nd 2018 Mt.Gox has been able to change redistribution of their assets from the bankruptcy jurisdiction to one of Civil Rehabilitation. This means that the remaining assets of the bankrupt MtGox which is mostly held in cryptocurrency Bitcoins (BTC) and Bitcoin Cash (BCH) can now be given directly to creditors without the need of conversion into fiat currency.

Cryptocurrency price manipulation

Bitcoin price manipulation by the Mt.Gox Bankruptcy Trustee is finally over.

Finally the days of the MtGox Bankruptcy whale dumping BTC & BCH on the open market and very likely instigating multiple crashes in the bitcoin price is OVER and hopefully the cryptocurrency market will now have fewer non-related cryptocurrency market selloffs in the future. In Germany, the Bitcoin Future Erfahrungen (bitcoin future) is often a hot topic of discussion with many investors unsure of which industries to continue investing in. Hopefully with the stabalising of the bitcoin price, we should see a revival of investors returning to industries that were once deemed unprofitable.

The full Civil Rehabilitation .pdf document from the MtGox Co., Ltd. Trustee: Nobuaki Kobayashi, Attorney-at-law:


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