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What Politicians Do During and After Their Terms—Matters

Revolving Door Government Corruption Comments

Some classic quotes: “With great power comes great responsibility.” also “Just because you can do something doesn’t mean you should.” Also related ” Just because it isn’t illegal or because other people do it doesn’t mean it’s OK”.

Revolving Door politics

The Revolving Door between Government & Business hints at Corruption

There are several huge problems in USA politics today-one of them specifically is that there is not enough separation between business/industry and those of the state (aka Government). Obviously they need to interact as Government often has to engage business/industry to accomplish the goals/wishes of the people. An unintended consequence in many cases is that these businesses or industries end up catering to the government policymakers because they hold power over their businesses, being that the government is such a large customer and/or could cost them quite a bit of profit due to regulations.

It is well understood that lobbyists like Canadian Amber Ruddy, in general, are very likely circumventing democracy and the will of the people. What I don’t understand is why nothing has been done about it before-perhaps it is because the majority of Americans secretly want to have the job of a lobbyist getting personally paid to play the role of Santa Clause with very deep pockets, going around making as many friends as possible.

It doesn’t matter to me if that is how the game has been played in Washington for a very long time or not-the power of lobbyists, companies and wealthy individuals especially after the Supreme Court ruling of Citizen’s United vs the FEC needs to be scaled down. Common sense would dictate that there needs to be a new meta-rule in place to help prevent this type of corruption of our democracy.

Video: Few Limits On Revolving Door Between Government and Private Jobs

Perhaps if a government official even after their job is officially over later accepts a job or position, or anything involving a substantial amount of money, from a business connected to their government job it really should be considered the same as taking a bribe.

The problem is that those at the top of the political pyramid (the President of the USA, the Secretary of State, Speaker of the House etc) have some governmental influence/power over just about everything so no matter who is paying them for speeches or appearances it can certainly look like a pay-off so those types of payments are best done in public.

In short the acceptance of taking money for closed door speeches or accepting some jobs in regulated industries should perhaps not be readily tolerated as just part of doing business or being part of the game known as politics.


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