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Positive Green Cryptocurrency News #114

Tuesday May 7th 2019 

A nice GREEN visual of the cryptocurrency market by coin360.com:

Bitcoin is trading at 6226 USD (on BITF) about 275 higher than yesterday and is moving towards overhead weekly resistance at the 100 MA. On the 3 Day BTC has cleared the 100 MA and is pushing towards the 200 MA. BTC just completed 3 months of green candles on the monthly time frame and working on a 4th.   BTC is above the 50 weekly MA,  and is remaining bullishly above the 200 day moving average.

In the top 100 market cap on coingecko.com we are seeing double digit percentage gains by: LINK (14%), NANO (13%) RLC (11%) ETH (10%) and XTZ (10%).

In the top 200 market cap on Coinpaprika.com:  double digit gains can be found by:  SOLVE (20%), CasinoCoin (CSC) 13%, and Fusion (FSN) 12% 

EOS coins & tokens trading on NewDex.io once again lead the cryptocurrency market today with 5 coins gaining well over 100%: TIME (662%), EATCOIN (354%), OWN (326%), CAT (174%), and SVN (131%).

There are 16 other EOS tokens and projects with double digit percentage gains. Some of the non-gambling standouts being:  LITE (73%), TEA (53%), MPT (49%) ECTT (42%), EOSISH (40%), SEEK (36%), BOSRED (32%), LYNX (24%), YT (17%), ANC (15%) and HORUS (10%).

Congratulations to everyone holding these coins.

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