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Sen. Jim Inhofe Gets PWND on Climate Change

Sen. Jim Inhofe (R-OK) after blocking a resolution that would have acknowledged the reality of climate change gets PWND by Sen. Sheldon Whitehouse (D-RI) with a reality check.

Senator Jim Inhofe throws snowball

Senator Jim Inhofe throws snowball on Senate floor as proof global warming doesn’t exist.

It is so distressing that there are still such a large number of government representatives in the US Senate and House of Representatives that wish to continue to ignore facts of manmade Global Warming and Climate Change. Sen. Jim Inhofe is not the only one whose state economy (Oklahoma) has a huge vested interest in the continuing reliance on fossil fuel production and use. Fair enough politicians should represent their state’s best interest, but not at the expense of everyone else on the planet.

Sadly there are still not enough people outraged about this topic, especially when I still hear news presenters especially on FOX News and their many affiliates saying that Global Warming is a hoax or some lie told by Al Gore. This means that there is high probability that there is at least one major news outlet being willfully ignorant and/or being controlled by pro-fossil fuel interests. Thankfully some other news outlets such as the BBC have finally stopped giving equal time to Climate Change deniers probably because there really isn’t a debate after 97% of scientists are in agreement on a topic.

If I had the chance to ask something of Sen Inhofe I would want him to explain to me how human activity that releases more Carbon dioxide beyond what nature typically does each year—gigatons of carbon are naturally released and absorbed each year, mainly caused by the seasonal plant growth cycle where does all that extra CO2 go? It looks like that it builds up in the lower atmosphere creating a blanket that is getting thicker and/or more dense that traps more of the sun’s warm energy. The rate that this has been happening is measurable and could easily have grave consequences as warmer temperatures create more powerful storms during all seasons (including Winter snowstorms)? What is the logic in trying to hinder the adoption of fossil fuel alternatives besides short term profits? Sen. “Snowball” Jim Inhofe actions are directly hindering: energy independence, cleaner water and air, additional green jobs and people leading longer more productive lives by embracing sustainable technology that exists today.

Senator Sheldon Whitehouse

Senator Sheldon Whitehouse

I have to thank the voters of Rhode Island for voting someone into office like Sheldon Whitehouse.

Reference: For those that want more information along the lines of what Sheldon Whitehouse was talking about check out Global Warming & Climate Change Myths.

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