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Senator Sanders Gives A Wake Up Call on Global Warming

The greatest crisis facing our planet is only getting 8 minutes a year of discussion time on Sunday Morning news shows.

climate change & global warmingBernie-Saunders-Wake-Up-Call-on-Climate-ChangeBernie Sanders the Independent U.S. Senator for Vermont makes some of the following points about Global Warming and Climate Change:

The scientific consensus is absolutely clear and not debatable.

Climate Change is real and it is caused by human activity.

It is already causing devastating damage in the United States and all the world is not a debate.

What is the United States Congress doing to address what the scientific community says is the greatest crisis facing our planet? What is Congress doing? The answer is we have done a little, but not enough. Luckily, there are some nonprofits in the country that are working hard to try and make changes. The Solutions Project is asking for donations to try and enforce 100% renewable energy around the world to create a cleaner planet. Their work doesn’t go unnoticed, however, Congress needs to do more.

Media Matters for America which reported that Sunday News Shows devoted all of eight minutes airtime in 2012 on the coverage of Climate Change issues, which is actually a decrease from nine minutes from the year before.

This has got to change as a nation we may disagree about this approach or that approach but if we don’t get our act together and recognize the severity of the this crisis and come up with ideas to solve it the planet that we’re gonna leave or kids and our grandchildren will be much less habitable and much more dangerous than the planet we have today.

Video of Benie Sanders and his “A Wake Up Call on Global Warming” Speech and how the Media may be misleading the public by omission.


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