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Solar Impulse Flys in San Francisco

Fossil-Fuel Free Airplane Test Flown in California

The Solar Impulse a 100% Solar-powered aircraft demonstrates the potential of solar energy in the USA with a San Francisco Test Flight.

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Solar Impulse Flies From San Francisco To New York

The Solar Impulse a manned aircraft powered only by energy from the sun in a prelude to a multiple city cross-country tour of the USA made its first North American test flight on Friday April, 19th in San Francisco, California.

The Solar plane has been flying for years in Europe, and has perviously demonstrated the feasibility of perpetual fossil-fuelless flight, by flying continuously for over 24 hours. On that particular flight the solar-powered aircraft gathered enough energy during the day to keep it flying all night long until the sun rose to start the recharge cycle again the following day.

The aircraft was a crowd favorite at the last Paris Airshow and is powered by over 12,000 photovoltaic cells mounted on top of it’s massive 747 size wings, yet the entire aircraft weighs only about as much as a family car.

The general public won’t be taking any cross-country trips via solar power aircraft anytime soon, nor will solar aircraft supplant commercial airliners as they it is currently much too slow. Unlike electric-powered cars that have already demonstrated superior performance (speed, range) than vehicles powered by traditional liquid fuels (Diesel, gasoline). See Specifications of Motortrend Magazine 2012 Car of the Year the Tesla Model S. The Solar Impulse along with Tesla’s electric cars have become featured super-stars of the EV (Electric Vehicle) world as they both captured the imagination of those wishing a greener, cleaner future.

Solar Impulse Across AmericaThe Solar Impulse was designed to show the potential of solar energy, which has of yet not been shown in a very positive light in the USA mainstream media. Even after countries such as Germany has successfully produced over a 1/3 (40%) of its peak power demand on May 25, 2012 using only solar.

The Solar Impulse’s Across America mission – is scheduled to start May 1st, 2013 with planned stops in: Phoenix, Dallas, Washington, D.C., and New York, with one other possible stop in Atlanta, Nashville or St. Louis.

See a Video about The Solar Impulse’s Planned Around-The-World solar flight.

CBS Interview About Solar Impulse


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