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Tidal Turbine Turns Tides into Energy

Siemens has been producing Tidal Power with their SeaGen commercial unit since 2008 in Portaferry Northern Ireland and is an excellent example of reliable renewable energy.

Tidal energy

SeaGen supplying electricity to 800 homes since 2008.

Siemens basically spun off their Windturbine technology to function underwater as well. Currently the SeaGen is producing 1.2 megawatts of electricity, which is enough to power about 800 homes. In theory in the UK Tidal Power could power deployed to cover at least 5% of their power requirements. Other locations were Tidal Power could be a significant player is Canada and the Philippines, but there are plenty of other locations where Tidal Turbines could be another green living option to throw in the mix.

SeaGen Tidal energy is basically off shore hydro, and the next phase is to get enough capital to scale the technology up and create a farm or array of the units.

MCT, SeaGen’s developer and owner, and a 100% subsidiary of Siemens, plans to implement such farms as early as 2015. Located off the coast of Scotland and Wales, this will be the world’s first commercial tidal current power plant in open water to generate electricity from the power of the tides.

SeaGen Photo Gallery

What makes tidal energy such an attractive form of renewable energy is that unlike wind or solar the Tides are a predictable process that is repeated twice each day. The turbine can be made much smaller compared to wind turbines since water is so much more dense. The turbines can be lifted up the supporting structure for easy maintenance, which no doubt will be required due to proximity to saltwater, although using a hvof coating will provide a protective coating that will help to safeguard against the abrasive water.

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