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Top Dirty Thirty Countries by CO2 Emissions

In answer to the question:

What countries are currently responsible for causing Global Warming and Climate Change?

The correct answer is…Everyone alive is responsible! However, some countries are obviously more guilty than others and this data only reflects data in 2010. Even though North America and Western Europe may have cut back a little in recent years they still rank high on charts because their respective industrial revolutions started over a hundred years ago.

Carbon emissions by country data

What countries cause climate change and global warming?

Out of 216 countries here is the list of the top Dirty Thirty by accumulated carbon dioxide emissions until about 2010 as calculated by the US Department of Energy’s Carbon Dioxide Information Analysis Center (CDIAC), mostly based on data collected from country agencies by the United Nations Statistics Division (by rank of thousand metric tons of carbon (CO2_TOT) (not CO2) which is calculated from fossil-fuel burning, cement production, and gas flaring.

Rank – Country – Per Thousand Metric Tons of Carbon

01 China (Mainland) (2,259,856)
02 United States of America (1,481,608)
03 India (547,811)
04 Russian Federation (474,714)
05 Japan (319,257)
06 Germany (203,268)
07 Islamic Republic of Iran (155,880)
08 Republic of Korea (154,777)
09 Canada (136,116)
10 United Kingdom (134,580)

11 Saudi Arabia (126,665)
12 South Africa (125,477)
13 Mexico (120,991)
14 Indonesia (118,350)
15 Brazil (114,468)
16 Italy and San Marino (110,801)
17 Australia (101,740)
18 France and Monaco (98,520)
19 Poland (86,516)
20 Ukraine (83,121)

21 Turkey (81,266)
22 Thailand (80,524)
23 Spain (73,541)
24 Taiwan (71,045)
25 Kazakhstan (67,829)
26 Malaysia (59,123)
27 Egypt (55,843)
28 Venezuela (55,017)
29 Netherlands (49,653)
30 Argentina (49,226)

A positive way of looking at the leaders on the Dirty Thirty list is that they have the most upside for improvement.


Source: Tom Boden and Bob Andres
Carbon Dioxide Information Analysis Center
Oak Ridge National Laboratory

Gregg Marland
Research Institute for Environment, Energy and Economics
Appalachian State University


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