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Where is Bernie Sanders on Facebook?

Up to the minute Bernie Sanders news and information can be found on Facebook via an astonishing number of groups and pages. Here is just a partial list of related Facebook Groups about the Bernie Sanders 2016 presidential campaign:

Direct link to Bernie Sanders Facebook groups:


Bernie Sanders on facebook

OC for Bernie Sanders for President
his group is for volunteers and supporters of Sen. Bernie Sanders located in Orange County, California.

This is for people who support Bernie Sanders with no compromise .

Bernie Believers [Bernie Sanders]
If you are a believer in the Bernie Sanders movement then this is the place you want to be.

Bernie Sanders 2016 – Ideas Welcome!
We are participants in the political revolution called for by Bernie Sanders. Our mission is to help Bernie win the Democratic nomination for President, help Bernie secure the Presidency, and continue working to assist Bernie in returning our country to one that works for “We the People”.

Bernie Sanders is my HERO
Designed for the average person to come learn more about Sen Bernie Sanders, and a place for his supporters to meet and discuss issues that effect us today. A group designed to share accurate information, and our admiration, and enthusiasm for our next President of the United States- BERNIE SANDERS!

Senator Sanders Needs To Beat Hillary By Huge Numbers To Get The Democratic Nomination.

United Patriots For Bernie Sanders
If the freedom of speech is taken away then dumb and silent we may be led, like sheep to the slaughter. -George Washington

Wake Up America And Feel The Bern!
Welcome to Wake Up America and #FeelThebern Its Simple This is a Bernie or Bust Group… Bernie Sanders – 2016 We boycotted the New York Times, which endorses $Hillary and The Onion, which $Hillary recently bought.


Bernie Sanders for President 2016
Bernie Sanders for President 2016 is a group that was formed for the nomination and election of Bernie Sanders to become the next President of the United States.

Nashville for Bernie 2016
Nashville for Bernie in 2016

California for Bernie Sanders – Grassroots Organizing
This Progressive Alliance is uniting Progressive Democrats, Greens, Democratic-Socialists, and independents — as well as campaigning against corporatist Democrats’ policies and corporatist Republicans’ policies.

Friends Who Like Bernie Sanders
A storm is coming and the 1% and Corporate Military-Industrial-Prison Complex is warned. We are dedicated to the progressive positions of Bernie Sanders and thus to helping promote his election to the Presidency.

We Love Bernie Sanders
We love Bernie Sanders. Is a place to spread your love for Bernie Sanders.

The Bernie Sanders Social Network
This group was created to promote the nomination of Bernie Sanders on the democratic presidential ticket, discuss the political scene concerning Bernie and to SHARE SHARE SHARE!

ProgressivesForBernieSanders.Com provides the most valid criticism of Hillary Clinton we can deliver; we certainly don’t want to level the kind of bogus criticism of Hillary launched by the Republican Party and their supporters. Our insight into Hillary’s past, present and future hopefully may help some voters make up their minds as to who would better serve their interests: the Establishmentarian Clinton or Bernie Sanders.

Whose Country? Our Country! Vote for Senator Bernie Sanders!
Bernie says that our gov’t belongs to all of us, not just billionaires.

I “Feel The Bern” Now, Too!
It’s Bernie, the poor and middle classes vs. the billionaire Class.

Bernie Page Admins
We built it and they came. As an admin/creator of a Bernie FB group, you’ve done an amazing job creating a network of like minded individuals to build the movement to get Bernie Sanders nominated and elected. Now, this network needs to be maintained and keep growing in order to support the political revolution, Bernie’s ideals, a supportive political environment and the Progressive agenda. Regardless of the outcome of the nomination and 2016 election, we can’t let the power of this network of people to fade or be lost.

Bernie Sanders- Presidential Candidate For The People
Promoting the positive message of a Bernie Sanders Presidential campaign. As you know we are up against a cash machine and Sen. Sanders is not accepting corporate money. It will be through a true grassroots movement that we will be able to spread the message this country needs to here before the primaries and hopefully onto the general elections. Thanks for all you can do.

Elect Bernie Sanders ’16
Supporters and those who will help to spread the word about Bernie Sanders and the issues we face as a country.

Bernie, Therefore We Think!
WE will not stop until Bernie Sanders is President!

Environmentalists For Bernie Sanders
The Choice Is Clear. One Major Candidate Is An Environmentalist And The Others Are Destroyers Of The Earth.

Everybody and Their Dog for Bernie Sanders
People and their canine companions who want a true democracy in America and pledge to vote for Bernie Sanders. You can find information, social media strategies, events, meetups, volunteer and donation opportunities and really cute dog photos too. Please join us in working to get Bernie elected!

Bernie Sanders’ Dank Meme Singles
Do you love Bernie? Do you need a lover? Or maybe just wanna mingle with like minded Bernie fans? Let’s play!

Real Progressives
Principled , informed, high quality political activists, grass roots, Bernie Supporters all in for Bernie Sanders. The long term is mobilization for progressive causes especially inequality, justice and economics. Fighting for the 99%, against corporatism and neoliberalism.

America for Bernie Sanders 2016
This Group is for people who want to see change in Government, Democrats Independents and Republicans Welcome all new Sen Sanders supporters. The purpose of the group is to secure the Democratic nomination for president for Sen. Sanders.

Southerners for Bernie Sanders
A group for people living in or from the Southern States who support positive economic and political change for all Americans by supporting Bernie Sanders for President in 2016.

Ring of Fire Radio Group
This is a progressive group neither Democrat or Republican. It supports Bernie Sanders because he is a true progressive. If you feel that attacks of politicians who have not endorsed Bernie are divisive, then this group may not be for you since we progressives indeed feel DIVIDED from play-it-safe Democrats who do not endorse Bernie Sanders and his progressive movement against a government ruled entirely by Wall Street. After all, as Bernie has stated, this is a political revolution against a government ruled entirely by Wall Street.

Bernie Buzz
The mood: Friendly, relaxed, fun The Members: Well-informed and dedicated Bernie supporters Emily and Kerry created this group for Bernie friends to exchange information and friendly intelligent discussion.

Bernie Sanders Dank Singles Over 30
Over 30 and single, or interested in those that are 30+ and love Bernie? You’re in the right place.

Just a few of the many Bernie Sanders groups on facebook

Just a few of the many Bernie Sanders groups on facebook

Colorado for Bernie Sanders: Group
Welcome to the largest Bernie group in Colorado! Remember to be respectful with other members and let’s try our best to be sensitive with each other. Bernie is running a clean campaign, so we want to make sure we’re all doing our best to help his public image, rather than harm it. This is a place for all the Bernie supporters in Colorado to come together, chat, and share information with each other to help Bernie Sanders win this election.

Iowa for Bernie Sanders
Let’s elect some one who actually wants a middle-class back in America.

By The People, For the People #BernieSanders2016 for President
Presenting a United Front of Citizens for #BernieSanders2016 , to let the Current Government and News Media know that WE THE PEOPLE want Bernie Sanders

Carolinians for Bernie Sanders
A work group to support Sen. Bernie Sanders’ presidential campaign

President Bernie Sanders
We are here to get Bernie in the Oval Office.

Will You Help Make Senator Bernie Sanders Become Our Next President?
Other Bernie Groups

Independents for Bernie Sanders
This is a group to share information and organize votes for Bernie Saunders.

Please note this is ONLY a partial list of Pro-Bernie Sanders for President Facebook groups, but it should be adequate to help find the most recent Bernie Sanders information, especially since the majority of corporate owned media outlets aren’t the most forthcoming on the topic.


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