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Wine Bottle Christmas Tree

Wine Art and Gifts Recycled make for a greener holiday season.

thewinetreePerhaps a great new holiday tradition is creating a Christmas Tree using bottles of wine.

This is currently one of our most favorite holiday festive features to date: a Holiday Wine Tree (or a wine bottle Christmas tree) and is certainly something most green-minded wine-lovers would really appreciate. I can certainly see this becoming one of my most cherished holiday traditions. Whilst I love this tree, I know some people might prefer a traditional Christmas tree as they do look nicer and they’re safer. I wouldn’t expect any businesses to have one of these wine bottle trees as they could be quite dangerous if anyone knocked one. Many businesses do tend to go to www.phsgreenleaf.co.uk for their Christmas trees recently. They find that hiring a tree is much cheaper than purchasing one and then trying to store it away for the year. Whilst this wine tree might not be for businesses, it could potentially look really nice in a living room!

One suggestion is to accent the piece of art with boxes of wine under the tree (complete with festive bows) for the holiday. The boxes of wine also function as a gift bank that can be used or given to the unexpected friends and relatives that just happen to drop in during the season.

To be honest, all of this talk of wine bottle Christmas trees has got me thinking about making a start on my Christmas shopping. I absolutely love the holiday season and therefore picking out gifts for all of my family and friends is always my favorite task.

I actually do most of my Christmas shopping online nowadays. For example, I usually order all my Christmas food and wine online using the Walmart website! Shopping online is just so convenient.

Plus, if you are particularly savvy like me, there are often promo codes and coupons for Walmart on the Raise website that you can use to get a discount on your shopping.

Anyway, the last time I looked on the Walmart website, a few boxes of wine caught my eye. Who knows, if I order them I might have enough bottles of wine to make a tree like the one pictured above! Watch this space…

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