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3P Triple Bottom Line Sustainability Business Model

It would be wise to seek out and support any company using a business model which encourages social responsibility and sustainability among their businesses goals. Many of these companies exist and are worth seeking out–they are also known as:


Triple Bottom Line, B Corp, Sustainable DeZign

People, Planet & Profit
Triple Bottom Line
Sustainable DeZign
Fair Trade
The B Corporation

This adds two more lines to the traditional bottom line oriented business model that had previously only focused on Profit (the sum of revenue after expenses). The defacto goal for business had previously been to make a profit at all costs, however that philosophy has created a world littered with pollution, and vast differences in personal net worth and quality of life. The quest for profit also didn’t consider the future needs of others with respect to using natural resources. With 3P companies Profit is still a main goal, but it is Profit with a conscience. To move forward with this goal, a financial plan should be put in place that focusses on the growth of the business. To do this, perhaps an intelligent financial modeling software solution, like Synario, would be appropriate for paving a way forward in an uncertain financial future towards a brighter one. This powerful tool, with its advanced insight and analysis, is becoming increasingly popular amongst some of the top organizations around and it has the potential to assist other businesses too.

People: a new focus on fairness and justice for workers that provides a liveable wage, safe working environment and doesn’t exploit any particular community or labour force while conducting business. Furthermore, there is training available at https://www.icwgroup.com/pc/safety/safety-training-webinars/ if you want to ensure that you are providing a safe working environment for workers.

Planet: Incorporating sustainable DeZign and environmental practices, which takes into account responsible management of natural resources and start to finish, and/or cradle to grave product/service consideration.

Video About 3P Triple Bottom Line, Sustainable DeZign

Bernie Sanders is the most popular candidate running for PotUS that seems to support the basic tenets of the new 3P business paradigm.

Bernie-3pWho knows perhaps Bernie might soon make it one of his talking points as a way to help guide corporations to become better citizens.

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