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Manilla Hosts World’s Largest Solar-Powered Shopping Mall

Solar Philippines Commercial Rooftop Projects Inc recently completed (November, 24, 2014) installation of a 1.5-megawatt solar plant on the roof of the SM North Edsa shopping mall in Manilla, Philippines. That amount of power is enough to provide energy for about 2,000 Filipino homes, and will also offset approximately 40,000 tons of carbon dioxide (CO2) during the next 25 years. Lots of businesses across the world are now choosing to get solar panels installed by a solar power company, in a bid to help the environment. Businesses like hotels and shopping malls burn a large amount of fossil fuels which is why the switch to solar power is so important.

Largest Solar-Powered mall

World’s largest Solar Powered shopping mall in Manilla Philippines.

This solar array makes shopping at the SM North Edsa shopping mall more of a green sustainable shopping experience and the carbon saving equivalent of planting 200,000 trees.

The solar panels are not the only new addition to the mall either. The majority of the stores inside the shopping complex have been fitted with new self-service kiosks. Because ease of use is one of the key benefits of self-service kiosks, customers typically find it quicker and more convenient to use self-service kiosks than going to the counter. This has the added benefit of creating a positive customer experience.

All kiosks also accept contactless card payments. Contactless payments play a vital role in making the buying experience a pleasurable one due to the speed and ease of transactions. Moreover, you can learn more about the advantages of contactless kiosks for retail businesses by heading to the KIOSK website here: https://kiosk.com/market-solutions/contactless/.

All the new stores in this unique premises will have much precious stock which they need to keep safe and secure from prying eyes during the night. Businesses canvisit Industrial Door Company website for security doors to guard their livelihoods, ensure this venture is a success, and inspire future malls to go solar.

Additionally, this particular new Filipino solar energy plant consists of 5,760 individual solar panels, 60 inverters and covers a surface area of 39,370 square feet (12,000 square meters) and also doubles as covered car parking.

1.5-megawatt is enough to power the shopping malls: 16,000 Light Fixtures, 59 escalators, 20 elevators,

The SM North Edsa shopping mall installation is the largest solar power project competed to date by Solar Philippines, thought they recently they also installed a 700-kilowatt solar power facility for the Central Mall Biñan of Premiumlink Development Corp. Several other solar power projects are currently in progress.

With the various advantages it can bring to the environment, as well as to the management of the shopping mall itself, it won’t be long until other places decide to incorporate commercial solar panels to their own buildings. If it can help to provide a sustainable shopping experience to customers, as well as benefiting the environment, then others should decide to do it themselves.

SM North Edsa Manilla solar power shopping mall photo gallery

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