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Australia Switched On for Wave Energy

Carnegie Corporation’s Perth Wave Energy Project nears commissioning and operation phase.

Carnegie has previously switched on their commercial renewable energy technology that creates electricity from the motion of passing ocean waves at their Garden Island, Western Australia location.

Australian alternative energy

Carnegie’s CETO technology

Carnegie Corporation uses CETO (named after Greek sea goddess), which is a fully submerged technology capable of producing renewable power and desalinated freshwater from ocean waves.

The system uses buoys attached to the ocean floor that drives pumps sending pressurized water to shore. That pressurized water can then be used to turn electrical generators that feed into the electric grid to power homes and electric cars and/or be turned into fresh water using standard reverse osmosis desalination all with zero carbon emissions.

CETO units are fully submerged and permanently anchored to the sea floor without being visible from the surface so the system can be operated in areas that depend upon beach going tourists or prone to extreme sea conditions due to storms.

The tidal power system self-adjusts for changes in tide and any wave height or direction. CETO system components have a proven functional life span of 20+ years in marine-environments.

Early Australian ABC News Video about CETO Wave Power

The CETO system can be configured for electric-only, fresh water-only or co-production of both (electricity and fresh water). The system once installed has very low maintenance and doesn’t require large undersea grids, high voltage transmission or expensive marine plants compared to other renewable energy technologies and green investments currently being considered around the globe.

Carnegie’s CETO technology is still the only wave energy technology to have produced desalinated water and it is now the only commercial scale wave power generation unit ever deployed and operated in Australia and the Southern Hemisphere.

Carnegie’s next step is the commercial deployment of Carnegie’s CETO 5 prototype, with three units off Garden Island in Western Australia expected to deliver 3MW capacity, providing grid-connected power for a nearby Navy base.

Video: Carnegie’s explains their CETO technology

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