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Ham Bone Bean Soup Recipe

Ham & Bean soup is one of my favorite cold weather cooking recipes.

1 1/2 lbs of smoked ham and one ham bone from previous festive meal.
6-9 slices of thick butcher cut hickory smoked bacon

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Ham Bone Bean Soup

1 20oz bag of dried beans for Hurt’s 15 bean soup
(After soaking over night or several days should equal about 4 cups of beans)

Note: The 15 varieties of bean is really closer to about 18: Northern, pinto, large lima, yellowed bean, garbanzo, baby lima, green split pea, kidney, cranberry bean, small white, pink bean, small red, yellow split pea, lentil, navy, white kidney, black bean

5 cans of beans & 2 diced tomato
32 oz low sodium chicken broth

This recipe makes an entire large crockpot full of Ham Bone Bean Soup.

In a large skillet fry:

bacon slices, then after cooling break into bits add to the crock pot.

Use a little bit of the bacon grease to then stir fry:
5 cloves of fresh pressed garlic
2 cups diced onion
2 cups sliced celery
2 cups shredded carrots

After each batch has been cooked (onion, celery, carrots & garlic mixture) transfer into a large crock pot.

Also add the following Spices and ingredients to the crock pot

4-6 T of lemon juice (one lemon)

6-8 T of BBQ sauce
3-4 cans diced tomato
1 tsp ground cloves
1 tsp of tyme
1 T onion powder
1 T garlic powder
5-6 bay leaves

Add cups of water alternating at least one bullion cube (beef and chicken) for each cup of water so that the fluid level reaches about an inch below the top of the pot. Optionally use some left over ham stock if you saved some of the ham juice when it was originally cooked.

Cooking Instructions:
Keep the temperature turned up to high until the crockpot begins to boil then reduce to low or warm depending up how soon you wish to serve. Once the meat is falling off the ham bone, strip the meat from the bone and return meat to crock pot.

If more liquid is needed during extended simmer time periods add an additional cups of water along with a beef bullion cube for each cup of water.
If the soup has too much liquid: Add a can of navy or kidney beans and/or additional diced tomatoes.

Serving suggesting:
Heated artisan bread or rolls and fresh cracked pepper to taste. Remove the Bay Leaves before eating.


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