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Basic Electric Car Information by CNN

CNN did a fairly decent news piece on EVs from Hong Kong back in 2011 and it still serves as a good basic introduction about electric cars in general.

CNN should have mentioned that even though the fully electric Mitsubishi i-MiEV has a shorter range than the fossil fuel-powered model-the EV version is much faster crossing the 0 to 60 MPH test a full second quicker.

Also one worthy correction of the newscast: CNN was incorrect about not being able to use an extension cord to plug-in and charge an EV-you just have to make sure that the extension cord is also of the same heavy gauge as the charging cable that comes with the car. It makes much more sense to think about purchasing an EV charging station that can be used from the comfort of your own home instead. You can find more info at places like Aardvark Electric if you want to find the best station for you. Not only will it be safer and more efficient, but it will reduce the need for a premature replacement if you have it installed properly. But what about extension cords? It is true that the EV car manufacturers do clearly spell out in writing not to use extension cords to recharge their electric car in the owner’s manual.

However, corporate lawyers require them to say that for legal reasons, not technical reasons, as they simply don’t want to be responsible for someone using an extension cord they didn’t manufacture and thus can’t guarantee that it has proper specifications. For more information on EVs, you can learn more here.

CNN’s News Report about Electric Cars

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