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Elon Musk TED Talk about Tesla-SolarCity-SpaceX

Elon Musk talks about Tesla Motors, SolarCity and SpaceX.


Elon Musk talks about Tesla Motors, SolarCity & SpaceX

His ideas and companies break up monopolistic industries and offer hope of improvement in the lives of all humanity. Sadly his efforts are being hindered by politicians that have banned the sale of Tesla electric cars in many states in the USA. In addition, there are other legislative roadblocks to increase the proliferation of privately produced and distributed solar energy, negating any long term savings of solar power.

The video is a fairly inspirational (classic TED Talk) with the best wisdom being shared that more people should study physics (more true words were never spoke IMHO). Elon was described by the interviewer as being able to: “Design + Technology + Business” and “Confidence to take risks”. It’s a great inspirational video that all entrepreneurs and business majors at university should really watch.


Elon Musk TED talk

This TED talk video help put into Elon’s green focus to relieve humanity of their dependance on fossil fuel and moving civilization in a positive and smart direction.

Elon tries to explain why electric cars will always be more efficient than vehicles powered by the combustion engines.

Video of Elon Musk: Revolutionizing the Energy Industry TED talk

I think Elon could have mentioned a little more forcefully that his supercharger network, which now spans the USA is typically powered by solar power, and each station is designed to create more energy than it dispenses into electric cars, thus giving solar power back to the local electric grid, no matter where their might be located. Also Tesla customers that drive the model S-can use those superchargers for free for life!

TEDtalklogoI am rather partial to a TED talk or motivational talk as they are great learning tools. I wish more businesses and organizations booked speakers from places like Sports Speakers 360 for their employees and members – I’m sure they’d reap the benefits from doing so. It is nice to see this particular TED talk where at least one person with a few billion dollars trying to use their money to help humanity prosper and to secure a better future, and not horde or milk the masses for more money then they could reasonably spent in a lifetime like the majority of the world’s 1% percenters.

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