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BBC Documentary: Are We Changing Planet Earth?

David Attenborough does a 30 year comparison between natural science knowledge now and some of the most significant changes that have occurred since his various previous famous BBC Documentary series of the past which featured: The Planet, Life on Earth and the Natural Sciences.

BBC-Documentary-Are-we-Changing-the-EarthThis recent BBC documentary “Are We Changing Planet Earth?” explores some of the changes that can now be observed, and their most probable causes.

BBC Documentary: Are We Changing Planet Earth? (full version 59 minutes aka (BBC Climate Change Documentary)

The BBC Climate Change Documentary covers:

  • Plight of the Polar Bears
  • Carbon Dioxide’s role in Climate and Greenhouse Effect
  • Man’s involvement in releasing carbon
  • Warming of the oceans
  • Hurricane creation
  • Global Sea Level Rise and Coastal Flooding
  • Arctic sea ice melting
  • Ancient atmospheric records trapped in glacier ice
  • Carbon Dioxide’s ever increasing role in warming the planet
  • How Glacier’s have changed in recent years
  • Effects of rising oceans on Island Nations
  • Recent changes in the Amazon rainforest
  • The Sun’s role in climate changes
  • Current Atmospheric Carbon levels compared to the last few 100,000’s of thousands of years
  • Changes in Australia’s Great Barrier Reef
  • Climate Model probability predicted by the MET Office
  • Expanding desert regions in China
  • Sandstorm in Bejing
  • Variations of Climate caused by Natural causes compared to changes caused by human activities

Significant Numbers to Note (Long before the rise of mankind):
Climate Change Just a few degrees makes a big differenceHow in the past just 4 degrees in temperature (C) cooler made New York City being surrounded by ice 2 km high and 2 degree’s C warmer that current temperatures have flooded the New York City area would be under 5 meters of water.

BBC Documentary: Are We Changing Planet Earth? Photo Gallery




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