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Finally a Fair and Balanced Climate Change Debate

John Oliver’s weekly HBO Comedy News Show “Last Week Tonight”, has been the only News show on the planet so far to accurately attempt to represent the Climate Change debate with a proper perspective of what is really “fair and balance” that many news shows claim.


John Oliver (HBO) Fair & Balanced Climate Change Debate with Bill Nye Science guy

What has been happening for far too long is that the “News” (particularly in the USA and Australia IMHO) has hugely misrepresented the sides of the argument.

Perhaps the reason why this has occurred is just that it was a ploy to increase ratings and profits by creating additional drama and/or adding fuel to the debate even after one side of the argument really had little or no significant legs on which to stand. Many might argue that is just good ol’ common business practice in action for the media companies and it could even be a obligation on the part of management to protect the profits of shareholders and even to influence the political agenda of the particular media conglomerate’s owner and/or those of their client advertisers.

Finally a Fair and Balanced Climate Change Debate Photo Gallery

The problem for the public is that news shows for too many years now have been giving equal time to a very minority opinion, which is a huge marketing win for the minority opinion and that clout really does influence the public and lawmakers. Such actions by network TV producers, newspaper editors etc. sadly hide the truth about the Climate Debate from the public and has even kept lawmakers from doing their sworn duty, which is to act in the best interests of those that voted for them. One only has to look at the continued success of the tobacco industry to understand the real power of advertising and casting a little doubt into the marketing mix. The top six companies still did almost 350 billion in business worldwide in 2010 and that is in a business where there is little to no doubt that smoking not only causes early death for the smoker but those that are exposed to second hand smoke as well.

Finally a Fair and Balanced Climate Change Debate02According to the video and MSN 1 in 4 Americans are still Skeptical about Climate Change

Too many Americans are skeptical about things the can’t see such as greenhouse gasses and/or have difficulty understanding how CO2 can be good for plants, but too much of it can be bad. I do have faith because even though people can’t see gravity most still believe in it, in fact most people personally know of someone that obviously believes that their personal gravity is so powerful that the world really does revolve around them!

Sadly a huge point that most of the audience/public will miss (even if they take John Oliver’s point to heart) is that in reality every one of the scientists on the show represent about a 100 IPCC individual peer-reviewed scientific studies each—it is not a case of just 3 people with arguments vs 97, it is really closer to say 2 or 3 hundred inconclusive or non-supporting studies/evidence verses an overwhelming 10,000+ that does indicate serious Climate Change issues!

Watch the full 4 minute Last Week Tonight video with John Oliver (HBO) Climate Change Debate:


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