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Bernie Bashers What is Their Beef?

Ever wonder why Bernie Sanders keeps getting attacked by the Democrats and why he was not treated fairly when running against Hillary Clinton? I can see why the Republicans attack him for being more of a socialist and wrongly even call him a Communist, because they really don’t know there is a significant difference.

What is not understandable is that Bernie is being attacked by feminists: Recently the editor of Ms. Magazine (Carmen Rios on Twitter) & Gloria Steinem on the Bill Maher show during the primaries, where she suggested that young women are only supporting Bernie to please their boyfriends. Also during the primaries when Madeleine Albright said that there is “a special place in hell” for women who don’t support Hillary Clinton (over Bernie Sanders).

A funny thing: 20 Years ago Gloria Steinem said she wanted to make Bernie Sanders an “honorary woman”, during his 1996 campaign, even when Bernie was running against a Republican woman. Steinem changed her tune, however, when Bernie was running against Hilary Clinton (another woman) but this time a Democrat. That’s pretty sexist of her, so a man can not protect or be concerned about a woman’s rights as much as a female democrat?

Even after Bernie lost the Democratic primary (fairly or not) he is still being attacked.

It seems that these attacks are almost entirely from true blue old guard democrats that might be thinking that Hillary could have lost the election to Trump because the young Bernie supporters failed to jump on the Hillary parade float after the primaries— and thus may still harbor some serious angst against Bernie because their candidate failed to win.

Hillary blames herself AND bad timing of James Comey’s FBI information releases about her emails and Russian hackers. Even after Hillary pointed the blame at other factors (read not Bernie), it still seems that many Hillary supporters continue to blame Sanders for making millennials defect and/or not vote at all.

Likely it was the actions and history of Hillary Clinton that made Millennials feel the way they do about her:

Clinton has close ties to Wall Street. Evidence: Closed door speeches to Goldman Sachs.

Clinton has close ties to the Wealthy Elite Class: She funded her campaign primarily from rich donors.

Clinton does the bidding of Big Corporations: She supported TPP.

Hillary did use a private nonsecure email server while Secretary of State, which if not a fairly significant breach of national security by itself (even if the info was not hacked), it was irresponsible for someone that high up in the government to leave such data exposed.

Clinton might be corrupt: The Whitewater scandal though nothing was ever proven—investigations did lead to Bill Clinton’s impeachment for perjury and obstruction of justice. There are currently many potential conflicts of interest between the Clinton Foundation and the many roles on both Hillary and Bill Clinton.

At the end of the day the USA is still a free country—people can bash Bernie for any reason, because they think he is too passionate about his positions and is using his voice too loudly to perhaps wake people up and face the seriousness of the situation—that Democracy is failing, the government is not controlled by the people, but by corporations, that climate change is real, that a minimum living wage is needed, access to education and healthcare should be right etc. Heck they can even bash him for any reason they like: his age, his sex, his accent, his hair or take offense at the way he uses his arms or fingers when he speaks.

Bernie Sanders popularity

Bernie Sanders is now the most popular politician in the USA.

It doesn’t really matter, what these Bernie Bashers (feminists or others) have been saying since Bernie has a long track record which has been all about supporting equal rights, equal pay, access to education, access to medical benefits, etc., which obviously includes women and PoC.

People can focus on the negative or they can step back and take note that Bernie Sanders is currently the most popular politician in the USA. So obviously the majority of people are agreeing or are in general support of what Bernie Sanders is saying and doing.


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