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IELTS Essay Topics to Study

IELTS: International English Language Testing System research results:

I thought I would share some of my general topic research information that could help one prepare and pass the IELTS at their required band score. This should help save time so that more energy can be spent on: grammar, vocabulary, listening & speaking skills etc. The following is a breakdown from almost two hundred (200) random IELTs Essay Questions and their respective topics or general knowledge categories that I was able to glean from various internet resources.
International English Language Testing System
Hopefully this information can help prioritize what topics should be researched prior to taking their IELTs test–since everyone has only a limited amount of time to prepare here is a suggested study plan:

1/3 of Your Time:
Business & Money (12%)
Communication & Personality (12%)
Education (12%)

1/3 of Your Time:
Work (8%)
Crime & Punishment (6%)
Environment (6%)
Media & Advertising (6%)
Society (5%)
Health (5%)

1/3 of Your Time:
Family & Children (4%)
Food & Diet (4%)
Transport (4%)
Government (3%)
Sport & Exercise (3%)
Technology (3%)
Tourism (3%)
Art (3%)
Reading (3%)
Housing (2%)
Space Exploration (2%)
Language (1%)
Leisure (1%)

Some Sources:


100 IELTS Essay Questions

Internet Search examples:  “Space Exploration pros-cons”, “housing essays”, “IELTS Essay question” or “IELTS Essay Topics”.


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