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Bernie Sanders Being Blocked by Klout?

Klout.com with 620M+ scored users is big on internet influence. Klout.com has received quite a bit of good press and awards: Barclays, Wired, TNW, Mashable, Time, CIO, Business Insider, FastCompany, and TechCrunch etc.


Klout.com has an interesting customer list

Klout.com is in the business of trying to rank the influence of every person online via their interactions with social media.

The main issue for those that don’t use Klout in less technical terms:

Klout.com is making it very difficult for Klout Members to share news & information about Bernie Sanders…as their Bernie Sanders button is broken.  A possible reason for this is that perhaps Klout doesn’t want to be seen supporting or in any way helping to pass along news and information about Bernie Sanders as their main clients are big corporations–so Klout.com can claim it is just a technical glitch (sorry about that Bernie).

Anyway Klout.com for technical or for whatever reasons has continued to block requests to add the Topic “Bernie Sanders” to their list of topics, which of course hinders some of those with perhaps the most influence on the internet (according to their personal Klout score) to share information and news about Bernie Sanders.

However, for some reason Klout has no problem sharing information and news about:

Donald Trump
Marco Rubio
Fox News
Hillary Clinton
Elizabeth Warren
Solar Energy
Alternative Energy
Electric Cars
Chevrolet Volt
Nissan LEAF
Income Inequality
Occupy Wall Street

But where is Bernie Sanders? I personally know that the Bernie Sanders broken topic issue at Klout.com has been going on for months now, one wonders when (if ever) it will be fixed?



One can try but you can’t add Bernie Sander’s to your Topic list.


For months now any attempt to add Bernie Sanders creates a mystery error









Under the category of things that make you go hmmm and I am not just talking about C+C Music Factory….
Is the management of Klout.com so out of touch with important trending topics or are they purposely trying to hinder the message of Bernie Sanders—not unlike some of the mainstream corporate controlled media?


Some of Klout’s Corporate Customers

Editor’s Note:  Updated News: Very interesting to know that since 2014 Klout.com has been owned by Lithium Technologies that sells mostly to enterprise customers (aka big Corporations), including:

HP, Best Buy, Research In Motion, Sony, Comcast, Symantec, Home Depot, Cisco, National Instruments, Verizon, Time Warner Cable, and AT&T etc.

So since 2014 Klout’s proprietary algorithms that previously may have been used to quantify online influence may now only do so if they align with the investments of their big name corporate clients? Alternatively I guess it is possible that Bernie is so popular with Klout users that they have broken Klout’s user tools with too many requests to add Bernie Sanders as a trackable topic?

Just an FYI some other missing topics besides Bernie Sanders include:

Bill Mckibben
Electric Vehicles

and Ken Burridge (of course) lol.


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