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Bernie Sanders Endorsement Lists

The Republican race for the White House has turned into a bad reality TV show. What better way to fan the flames than with something equally as silly as Celebrity Presidential Endorsements.

Bernie Sanders has quite a few Celebs (Musicians, Actors, Inventors, Comedians, Writers etc) in his camp and the list continues to grow.


Bernie Sanders adding to his list of high profile supporters.

Bernie’s List Online

Kareem Abdul-Jabbar
Jason Bateman
Kristin Bauer
Ben & Jerry
Jackson Browne
Belinda Carlisle
David Crosby
John Cusack
Danny DeVito
Mia Farrow
Will Ferrell
Danny Glover
Nicholas Gonzalez
Daryl Hannah
Michael Keaton
Margot Kidder
Spike Lee
Justin Long
Bill Maher
Seth MacFarlane
Michael Moore
Bonnie Raitt
Bernie-ListNikki Reed
John C. Reilly
Carl Reiner
Mark Ruffalo
Jeremy Piven
Susan Sarandon
Sarah Silverman
Neil Young
Dick Van Dyke
Dr. Cornel West
Wil Wheaton
Lucinda Williams
Steve Wozniak


On a slightly more serious note are some of the Government Officials that support Bernie Sanders:

Terry Alexander, SC Rep.
Robert Alley, ME Rep.
Richard Andrade, AZ Rep.
Tim Ashe, VT Sen.
Daryl Beall, former IA State Sen.
Justin Bamberg, SC Rep.
Jane Beaulieu, NH Rep.
Roberta Beavers, ME Rep.
Travis Bennett, NH Rep.
Steven Berry, VT Rep.
Peter Bixby, NH Rep.
Lydia Blume, ME Rep.
Reginald Bolding, AZ Rep.
Heidi Brooks, ME Rep.
Mollie Burke, VT Rep.
Wayne Burton, NH Rep.
James J. Campbell, ME Rep. (Ind.)
Mark Cardenas, AZ Rep.
Ralph Chapman, ME Rep.
Cynthia Chase, NH Rep
Robin Chestnut-Tangerman, VT Rep.
Ben Chipman, ME Rep.
Jackie Cilley, NH Rep.
Karen Clark, MN State Rep.
Burt Cohen, former NH State Sen.
Amanda Curtis, MT State Rep.
Renny Cushing, NH Rep.
Andrea Dalessandro, AZ Sen.
Susan Davis, VT Rep.
Michael Devin, ME Rep.
Mark Dion, ME Rep.
Donna Doore, ME Rep.
Dudley Dudley, Former NH Gov. Council Member
Michelle Dunphy, ME Rep.
David Dutremble, ME Sen.
Jamie Eldridge, MA Sen.
Keith Ellison Congressman
Jeffrey Evangelos, ME Rep. (Ind.)
Richard Farnsworth, ME Rep.
Gail Finney, KS Rep.
Vincent Fort, GA Sen.
William Frank, VT Rep.
Caroline French, Former NH Gov. Council Member
Patsy French, VT Rep.
Tulsi Gabbard (Hawaii) Congresswoman
Steve Gallardo, AZ Sen.
Paul Gilbert, ME Rep.
Wendell Gilliard SC Rep.
Diana Gonzalez, VT Rep.
Adam Goode, ME Rep.
Geoffrey Gratwick, ME Sen.
Raúl Grijalva Congressman
Will Guzzardi, IL Rep.
Sandy Haas, VT Rep.
Scott Hamann, ME Rep.
Denise Harlow, ME Rep.
Bob Hasegawa, WA Sen.
Helen Head, VT Rep.
John Hennessy, CT Rep.
Geoffrey Hirsch, NH Rep.
Doug Hoffer, VT Auditor of Accts.
George Hogan, ME Rep.
Mary S. Hooper, VT Rep.
Brian Hubbell, ME Rep.
Marty Jack, NH Rep.
Troy Jackson, ME Sen.
Pramila Jayapal, WA Sen.
Pat Jehlen, MA Sen.
LaDawn Jones, GA Rep.
Mary Keefe, MA Rep.
Jeff Kessler, WV Sen.
Warren Kitzmiller, VT Rep.
Stephen Kulik, MA Rep.
Michel Lajoie, ME Rep.
Patrick Long, NH Rep.
Paul Mark, MA Rep.
Marisa Márquez, TX Rep.
Linda Martin, VT Rep.
Jeff McCabe, ME House Maj. Leader
James McCullough, VT Rep.
Richard McNamara, NH Rep.
Cezar McKnight, SC Rep.
Gina Melaragno, ME Rep.
Juan Mendez, AZ Rep.
Michael Merrifield, CO Sen.
David Miramant, ME Sen.
Kim Monaghan-Derrig, ME Rep.
Marcia Moody, NH Rep.
Luis Moscoso, WA Rep.
Joseph Neal, SC Rep.
Rob Nosse, OR Rep.
Jean O’Sullivan, VT Rep.
Lee Oxenham, NH Rep.
John Patrick, ME Sen.
Avram Patt, VT Rep.
Chris Pearson, VT Rep.
Charles F. Pelkey, WY Rep.
Bill Perkins, NY Sen.
Anthony Pollina, VT Sen.
Robyn Porter, CT Rep.
Christine Powers, ME Rep.
Marcia Price, VA Del.
Martín Quezada, AZ Sen.
Russell Ruderman, HI Sen.
Diane Russell, ME Rep.
Marjorie Ryerson, VT Rep.
Deane Rykerson, ME Rep.
Joseph Salazar, CO Rep.
James Sanders, Jr., NY Sen.
Robert Saucier, ME Rep.
Andy Schmidt, NH Rep.
Jennifer Schultz, MN Rep.
Tick Segerblom, NV Sen.
Luis R. Sepúlveda, NY Ass.
David Sharpe, VT Rep.
Gilman Shattuck, NH Rep.
Amy Sheldon, VT Rep.
Stanley Short, ME Rep.
Jonathan Singer, CO Rep.
Michael J. Skindell, OH Sen.
Timothy Smith, NH Rep.
Stephen Stanley, ME Rep.

Hawaii Congresswoman Tulsi Gabbard surfing

Hawaii Congresswoman Tulsi Gabbard surfing

Thomas Stevens, VT Rep.
Peter Stuckey, ME Rep.
Mary Sullivan, VT Rep.
George Sykes, NH Rep.
Peter Tercyak, CT House Dep. Maj. Leader
Robert Theberge, NH Rep.
Ryan Tipping-Spitz, ME Rep.
Maida Townsend, VT Rep.
Joseph “Chip” Troiano, VT Rep.
Ivy Vann, NH Rep
Edwin Vargas, CT Rep.
Jesse Ventura Former MN Gov
Andy White, NH Rep.
Robert Q. Williams, SC Rep.
Gary Holder-Winfield, CT Sen.
John Wisniewski, NJ Ass.
Dan Wolf, MA Sen.
Mark Woodward, VT Rep.
Michael Yantachka, VT Rep.
Teo Žagar, VT Rep.
David Zuckerman, VT Sen.

Here are a few of the Organizations that have expressed their support for Bernie Sanders:

Americans for Democratic Action
Democratic Socialists of America
Democracy for America
Friends of the Earth, environmentalist group
Green Party of Oklahoma
Iowa Citizens for Community Improvement Action Fund
Justice Party
Laugh Factory, comedy club
National People’s Action
National Union of Healthcare Workers
OWSOccupy Wall Street
Progressive Democrats of America
Vermont Progressive Party
National Nurses United
United Electrical, Radio and Machine Workers of America
Vermont and South Carolina AFL-CIO Divisions
Vermont National Education Association
Vermont Progressive Party
Washington State Progressive Caucus
Working Families Party
Living United for Change in Arizona (LUCHA)

The most extensive list of Bernie Sanders Endorsements can be found at Wikipedia:

I am really waiting for some big political names to voice their opinion especially one in particular that has mirrored many of the same points on political issues as Bernie many times in the past—Elizabeth Warren! Perhaps she is waiting for the perfect timing when her endorsement will mean the most? I hope she doesn’t wait until after Sanders wins the Democratic nomination.

Elizabeth Warren is Not Running for President (How about Bernie’s VP)?


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