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Bernie Sanders Gives Birth to Occupy 2.0?

Bernie Sanders has been protesting against social and economic inequality on the floor of the US Senate for decades— long before students and many that make up 99% Occupied Zuccotti Park, September 17, 2011.

Bernie Saunders becomes the patron saint of Occupy 2.0?

Bernie Sanders becomes the patron saint of Occupy 2.0?

Bernie Sanders is finally giving previous OWS supporters and the 99% a high profile voice plus a bona fide electable champion of the people in the race for the US Presidency.

If successful such a political coup d étate (an Occupy 2.0 so to speak) could actually help bring about positive change and banish those currently in public office that wish to maintain the status quo and/or support policies which emphasizes corporate profits over the general well-being of the the 99%.

At the moment Bernie Sanders is successfully running a presidential campaign echoing many of talking points that were part of the official “Statement of Declaration” of Occupy Wall Street issued to the press, but not reported by mainstream media even to this day.

A transcript of the those statements along with a video of Keith Olbermann reading that historic first collective statement of the Occupy Wall Street movement can be found here:

Media Ignores Occupy Wall Street Protest Message

Media Ignores Occupy Wall Street Protest Message

My main complaint against OWS is that they were as a collective unable to elect leaders to represent their interests and work within the broken system to create change. That only left Occupy protesters with little to do but complain about the broken political system and unjust laws by hanging out in public parks, and occasionally organizing a march or protest until the local politicians found ways to forcibly remove them and keep them from congregating in the future.

In the USA I would have liked to see OWS calling for open elections to allow for an alternative to the established two party system that was no longer serving the needs of the 99%.

Bernie Sanders has successfully awoken those tens of thousands of people that supported and participated in the Occupy Movement and more importantly given them a candidate for the US Presidency that they can support.


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