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Fox Poll Sanders has 70% of California Vote

Fox News online poll has Bernie Sanders with 70% of the California Vote, when asking the question “If the election were held today, who would you vote for?”

Fox online poll shows Bernie Sanders with 70% of the California primary vote.

Fox online poll shows Bernie Sanders with 70% of the California primary vote.

Those visiting the Fox Nation link at:


can see the answer to that question as well as a breakdown for a handful of states (California, Texas, New York, Massachusetts and Maryland).

Of interest the number of votes have been reset from last month when the poll had approximately 100,000 votes, the current number is only at 27,000. They likely reset the vote tally not because they didn’t like the Bernie Sanders doing amazing and contradicting the Corporate Media sponsored message on the Presidential election, but also to remove previous contenders (Carson and Bush) from the voting list, they also added John Katich to the current voting list.

foxpoll-Bernie58percentIn the current National Poll Bernie Sanders is at 58% of the vote, with Donald Trump getting 25% and Hillary Clinton a distant 8%.

It may not be wise to put too much stock in these results because Bernie fans might just be more active on the internet as well as marching in the streets than the supporters of other candidates.


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