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Best Crypto YouTubers

Where to find the best Cryptocurrency information (to learn about internet money), well the obvious answer is the internet of course–so YouTubers, for those who are interested and want to know more.


Andreas Antonopoulos, who is one of the most well-known and respected authorities on Bitcoin. Originally from Greece, now in USA his quality talks about cryptocurrency/blockchain are legendary. He is the author of “Mastering Bitcoin,” “The Internet of Money” series, and “Mastering Ethereum.”

Andreas Antonopoulos

Lark Davis (Crypto Lark)

Lark Davis

Big-hearted crazy shirt wearing Kiwi from windy Wellington. Lark (yes that is his real name) is a USA Expat- that has some free cryptocurrency starter videos and is a very prolific video producer and knowledgable personality in the cryptocurrency space.


Ivan on Tech 

Ivan on Tech 

Host of the daily Good Morning Crypto Show from Sweden, his perspective and insights come from a background in programming, and being born in an old Soviet Block country. The “Good Morning Crypto Show” is not a bad way to start your day in a timely fashion “just like an atomic clock”.


Crypto Tips

Easily the most world traveled woman in crypto (Heidi is originally from USA, but just recently picked up a St. Kitts passport) her videos are relatively short, concise talks on timely cryptocurrency news events, along with sensible crypto advice. All the boyz want to be her cameraman.


The Modern Investor

Super fast crypto currency daily news talker/reader from Canada with his personal opinions, after watching the last couple crypto bull runs.


The Cryptoverse

Brit with spot on basic logic about cryptocurrency in general and is also a pretty big EOS fan.



He has been in the Crypto & Blockchain space since before the infamous M.T. Gox days, he is a good source of information of what is currently happening in Hong Kong & mainland China.  He originally got into crypto via the gaming space.


Altcoin Daily

Covers the top 3-4 crypto news articles daily (US Based), also does a little bit of technical analysis. He does talk about bitcoin as well as the more exotic alt coins.


Crypto Daily

Pretty funny Brit that doesn’t believe in technical analysis and is a bit of bitcoin maximalist, but does hold some alt coins. He can make me laugh on the worst of days. Cheers Mate!



Relaxed California Chill based Crypto Chats with Omar, you can’t help but get a good vibe from this soon to be (fingers crossed) famous actor.



Crypto News and a little Technical Analysis (based in the USA southern states) very straight forward and genuine.



Crypto Trading Focused:

Even if you don’t plan on actively trading cryptocurrency, one thing you should be able to answer is the age old question: Should I be invested in this particular coin or not? Some very basic Technical Analysis (TA) can help you answer that question. For Example: Something I personally have said 100’s of times is: “It is likely best to continue to long term hold or HODL ______ as the price remains bullishly above the 200 day moving average.”


Daily: Naked swing trader from USA, uses mostly support and resistance Technical Analysis on longer term trades/investing but also talks about broader traditional markets including commodities.


Crypto Crew University

Good long term crypto investing with simplified TA, but mostly focused on Bitcoin.  Perhaps a little too much shilling his courses but you can skip ahead. USA Expat.



Most excellent day trading TA. You could not find a more well balanced, cool straight forward crypto trader and he also covers the broader investment markets as well.


The Moon

Carl (25ish Swedish guy) with reasonably good & consistent TA, but is pretty much a long term BTC maximalist, though he will spend some time talking about alt coins.

The Moon

Krown’s Crypto Cave

He was living in Finland, but has recently returned to Chicago…Krown is beyond hyper energetic, but perhaps the best TA around. Rated: For Mature audiences and those already familiar with crypto and technical analysis tools.


But Wait, There is More….don’t forget about what is happening now be sure to also start watching all about Cryptocurrency 3.0. List #2:

Disclaimer: This post is for informational and entertainment purposes only- it is not financial advice or is in anyway intended to provide any financial recommendation.

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