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Passive Income Crypto Series (001)

Mine coins while you and your computer sleeps and help to cure cancer at the same time—BOID can run in the background, using your spare computer CPU cycles (think an income producing not so lazy improved version of a screen saver).

To get started you download the BOID app (it is available for both PC & Mac) from:

Your computer earns BOID tokens, based on the speed of your computer and the number of CPUs working to complete the tasks, so you’ll want to make sure you don’t experience a cpu bottleneck otherwise it could greatly decrease your earning potential. BOID tokens can be traded on exchanges such as NEWDEX.io for EOS and from EOS converted to many other cryptos or USD via Crypto to Fiat exchanges such as Coinbase.com or Gemini.com.

For those of you familiar with grid or distributed computing the BOID project on the EOS blockchain is reminiscent of the cancer research project from Oxford University (https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Grid.org) that ran from 2001 to 2007 and was called the United Devices Cancer Research Project. The BOID twist on this philanthropically project is that the previous project was an all volunteer computing project — BOID pays users to do good things!

The Fine Print:
BOID tokens need to be stored in an EOS wallet and thus you will need a EOS account to receive BOID payouts.

One cheap and fast way to create an EOS account is the EOS Lynx wallet:

via the Apple App Store

Or Google Play Store for Android

It is still very early days with this BOID project at the moment you can ONLY help to cure cancer (as if that isn’t enough). The previous grid computing project was later expanded to include multiple organizations and areas of research (fight biological terrorism, Smallpox, etc.).

Warning: Once you install the program it is not intuitively obvious that it is running and you are completing tasks (you have to move a toggle switch and look for a faint flashing grid) and then wait perhaps a day or more to see any movement on the task progress bars.

Once you get things running you can increase your passive income earnings by adding more computers, joining teams (here is the link I used to join http://app.boid.com/u/goodzen), and/or staking BOID tokens in between BOID marketing Seasons.

You can learn more about Boid and how to make money curing cancer by visiting their

About Boid GitHub

Disclaimer: This post is for informational and entertainment purposes only— it is not financial advice or is in anyway intended to provide any financial recommendation.

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