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Brave Browser is the Best?

The Brave Browser works on all your favorite devices (desktop, Android and iOS), and is open sourced software, which was created by some of the same people that gave the world: JavaScript, Mozilla/Netscape and the FireFox browser.

Brave Browser

The Brave Browser has the potential to disrupt online advertising.

The Brave Browser features:

Very fast speeds relative to your current browser: Google Chrome, Safari, Opera and Internet Explorer.

Blocks Ads and increases privacy by blocking trackers as well.

Brave can also help extend the battery life of your devices while you surf the web relative to other browsers.

If desired you can activate a built in contribution system for your favorite content providers using the Basic Attention Token (BAT), which allows artists to receive the full amount instead of middlemen like YouTube taking a 40% cut from the advertising revenue.

It is hard to believe but we the users of facebook and Google pay to be bothered by all the advertising and trackers served up by those platforms via our monthly data usage bills, which according to the New York Times is about $23 USD per month!

Brave/BAT want to put advertising on the blockchain, which would cut out the middleman, and lower advertising costs. In addition this new distributed advertising model allows users to get paid in BAT coins if they wish to view ads, those coins could then in turn be used to incentivize their favorite content providers. The only companies that would lose out under this new advertising revolution would be the inefficient middlemen.

The “official” Brave Introduction Video

Personally I am very happy using the Brave Browser and with luck millions of others will also soon switch browsers so that the online advertising industry can be disrupted ASAP. It is possible that just by using this new browser, which features blockchain technology in conjunction with the Basic Attention Token (BAT) we can help facilitate change not unlike what is happening to the traditional banks via the increased adoption of crypto currencies, as both of those industries due to being monopolies/oligopolies have been able to exploit the general population for far too long.


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