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USA Tariffs Historically Have Consequences

Consequences of USA Imposed Tariffs

Value of USA Stocks & Bonds DROP as well as the value of the USD.

Most Tariffs cause complaints to be lodged with the World Trade Organization (WTO), which has a habit of declaring such Tariffs as illegal, that in turn clears the way for other nations to impose sanctions on other imports on the products being made by the country that imposed the Tariffs in the first place.

Tariff consequences

Tariffs often have unintended consequences

Tariffs can have many unintended consequences for example a previous President of the USA imposed a tariff on imported rubber tires, the price of tires in the USA increased AND China retaliated by hindering the import of chicken scraps (chicken feet) from the USA, which hurt the USA’s poultry industry.

Obviously for the USA consumer Tariffs cause an Increase in the prices of the Tariff items as well as related items that could be considered options or replacements for the Tariff items.

Tariffs inhibit free trade.


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