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China and USA Carbon Emission Agreement

In a surprise announcement the USA and China agree to cap Carbon emissions with ambitious plans to mitigate Climate Change.

Chinese President Xi Jinping and USA President Barack Obama announced on Wednesday November 12, 2014 to reduce greenhouse emissions.

China and USA carbon agreement

China & USA surprise Carbon Cap Agreement

China and the USA are the two largest carbon and greenhouse gas polluters on the planet and together are responsible for 45% of global carbon emissions.

China has agreed for the first time in history to limit carbon and has set a date (by the year 2030) as to when it will start to lower carbon production. In addition China will double its renewable (non-fossil fuel) energy production which currently approximately 10% to 20% by 2030.

The USA has agreed to double its carbon reduction plans to 26-28% below those levels produced in 2005 and to do so by 2025. The USA said it will be able to accomplish these goals without have to impose additional restrictions to vehicles or power plants.

According to the latest Intergovernmental Panel of Climate Change (IPCC) report, which conclusions are arrived by conservative consensus stated that all carbon emissions worldwide need to drop to zero by 2100. Many other NGO’s strongly suggest that the planet reach 100% renewable energy production by 2050 so that global warming is limited under a 2°C increase. Even that figure is a bit of a concern since modern humans have never existed on the planet before with the average temperature exceeding that threshold.

On the positive side it is good to see these two countries finally make announcements to take serious steps to address climate change caused by global warming.

Tony Abbott

Australia’s Tony Abbott pro coal & anti-renewable energy.

Sadly the governments of too many other nations have yet to announce such policy changes. For example the current political party in power (under Tony Abbott) in Australia (a big friend of the coal industry) has been very vocal about climate change denial and is not only doing the least amount possible to mitigate climate change, but rather has taken steps to dismantle cap-and-trade emissions trading schemes put in place by prior administrations and is scraping support for renewable energy projects.

Watch Video about the historic China – USA Climate Change Carbon Announcement


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