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Extreme Green Law Enforcement

Mayor Crushes Car with Tank Parked in Bike Lane

According to the World Resources Institute the USA has easily been the worse offender over the last 150 years when it comes to carbon pollution per capita (more than three times the amount emitted by China over the same period) and has been extremely slow to adopt green practices relative to rest of the world. One extreme green living example was the action taken by the Mayor of Lithuania’s Capital.

bike lane law

What “real” green living means in Lithuania

Tired of cars illegally parking in the bike lane the Mayor of Vilnius decided to make an example out of one such offending car, by crushing it with a tank! Arturas Zuokas the Mayor of Vilnius should be commended for striking one for cyclists and green living everywhere, though calling for a tow truck seems a bit more reasonable. Cycling is a major component of the city’s environmentally-oriented traffic management strategy. Especially since the number of private cars has increased about fourfold since the country gained independence in 1990. This has caused traffic jams around the city center and a relatively high level of CO2 emissions.

Watch a video of Arturas Zuokas the Mayor of Vilnius crushing a car.

The mayor later did show some restraint by applying a sticker on the window of another offending car that said “Don’t Make Me get the Tank”!

As the direct links to serious health dangers and climate change issues related to the burning fossil fuels become even more obvious extreme green law enforcement may very well become the new normal and not the exception.

Green-Eco-EV News Reporting by Ken Green Burridge

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